In Europe, confessed his love for Russia and Putin

About 70 percent of Greeks approve of Russia, and 30 percent believe Vladimir Putin is the perfect leader. These are the findings of a survey conducted for an independent, nonprofit research organization Dianeosis.

a Nationwide survey was conducted in January and February 2018, with a sample of 1250 people. It turned out that 67 percent of the words “Russians” and “Russia” evoke positive emotions. A third of respondents believe that Russia is a good alternative to the European Union. Of the United States said only 10 percent.

30 percent of Greeks believe that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin — the best President in the world. Followed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (about it said that 14 per cent) and the President of France Emmanuel macron (13 percent). U.S. President Donald trump think is the best leader only two percent of the respondents.

In December 2017 Thracian University named after Democritus adopted the decision to award the President of Russia Vladimir Putin his Gold medal for outstanding work for the benefit of regional stability and prosperity.

Erdogan has forgotten about the Armenian genocide and has accused the West eternal aggression

Ankara will not leave unanswered the calls of residents of the border areas of Syria and will continue the military operation in the region. On Saturday, March 24, said the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his words leads Agency Anadolu.

Erdogan said that residents of the region are well known aims and tactics of operating in Syria of the parties. “That is why the population of the Syrian districts of tal Rifat to Manuja, tel Abyad and Rezulin stands for the arrival of Turkey, whose policy is associated in the minds of people with concepts of “security”, “peace” and “order”,” — said he.

the Turkish leader stressed that the intentions of Ankara in Syria cannot be considered “aggressive”. “The West throughout history has repeatedly proved to be the invader and aggressor” — said the Turkish leader.

Erdogan announced for exemption from the Kurdish armed formations of the Syrian city of Afrin on March 18. “Now over the Afrin wave the Turkish flag and the flag of the Syrian liberation army,” — said the Turkish President.

Before that, on March 14, Erdogan told the decision to destroy the Kurdish groups, which Ankara considers terrorists, and in the North of Iraq. “Soon we will inflict on them a hard blow,” he promised.

Trump thought about the expulsion of Russian diplomats

the US President Donald trump may announce the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats Monday, March 26, Bloomberg reported, citing sources.

This will be done in response to the poisoning in Britain of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. The American President took into consideration the recommendations of its advisers but the final decision is still pending, according to the interlocutors of the Agency. Trump wants to make sure that the European allies are also willing to go to such measures.

on 22 March it was reported that the UK wants convince European countries to expel Russian diplomats London. Latvia stated that plans to expel one or more employees of the Russian Embassy.

Ukrainians are tired of Ukraine

the Majority of Ukrainians — 84 percent — are tired of waiting for help from the state and rely only on themselves and their families. This, according to the magazine “New times”, according to a survey conducted in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv company “Ukrainian marketing group” (UMG), together with the Ministry of information policy.

the Ukrainians are now more focused on the search of additional earnings: more than 80 percent of citizens are willing to change employment in high-paying, and almost 70 per cent — to change the intellectual and spiritual growth opportunity to earn more.

unlike the Europeans, who spend on food, 12 percent of the family budget, the people of Ukraine are spending on it 74 percent. “So hedonism in Ukrainian is a financial a relaxed weekend after austere working week”, — the newspaper notes.

the study’s Authors surprised by the results. “Starting with 1990-ies of sociology talked about the fact that Ukrainians are a nation of externalities, that is, people who rely on external circumstances and prefer to avoid responsibility for their fate and the country,” they write. It was believed that the citizens of Ukraine differ from Western Europeans and the United States, which take responsibility for everything that happens in their lives.

According to Deputy Director of the Institute of sociology of NAS of Ukraine Eugene Golovakha, currently the Ukrainians are more than ever feel themselves to be citizens of their country, they are willing to take risks and can adapt to any troubles in life. At the same time, they have become much more Patriotic than a few years ago, Natalia Buhalova, CEO of UMG.

American students armed with stones in case of fire

Pupils of one of schools in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania armed with stones in case of fire, according to Buzzfeed News.

Director of the school David Helsel (David Helsel) announced it at the meeting of the Committee on education. “If an armed intruder tries to enter any of our classrooms, they will see students armed with stones. And beat with stones,” he said.

Now, each school classroom is equipped with a bucket of river stones. Children do not have direct access to them, said the Director. This solution is not the answer to school shooting in Florida, as it has been in the past two years, added Helsel.

Government and some parents do not approve of this innovation. They hope that children will not have to defend themselves by pelting the attackers with stones, writes Buzzfeed.

In February, a former student of opened school shooting in Parkland (USA, Florida). In the result, 17 people were killed and at least 14 were injured.