American Alabama called “pay toilet United States.” Alabama fear that their state will become a national dump new York shit. The cities have not cope with the amount of feces produced by a growing population, and had to send them to other States, preferring South — because of low prices. Local authorities, to Supplement the meager municipal budget, are willing to accept “branded” fecal masses, but the populace strongly opposed to the contents of sewage and other wastes dumped in their lands throughout the country.

the Last straw was 200 wagons of feces from new York: train for two months stuck in one of the towns of Alabama, bringing to mind its inhabitants. The statements of the authorities that this business is completely legal, but treated wastewater are harmless, do not apply. “Shit war” the South and the North at “the Tape.ru”.

With a growing population of large American cities had to solve the problem, which is not going anywhere, — the disposal of human feces. In the US, about 50 percent of human excreta extracted from the sewage, transform into fertilizer. Another 28 percent are dumped to landfills, 17 percent is burned. However, when disposing raise two issues — price and the environment.

new York and new Jersey are faced with the problem of disposing several decades ago. Until the early 90-ies of the waste water is purified of them stood biosolid (organic sludge), after which they just dumped in the Hudson or the Atlantic at a distance of 106 miles from the coast. However, in 1988, after environmentalists raised the alarm, Congress introduced the Federal ban on dumping sewage into the ocean and gave the regional authorities a few years to find a new way of getting rid of your own shit. New York adopted the decision to build a plant for processing waste in human life into fertilizer for agriculture.

the Idea was not new — back in the 1920-ies the system mastered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now about 90 percent of all biosolids recycled into fertilizer. However, in new York, a brilliant business plan almost failed after the manufacture of fertilizer was established, it was found that farmers are afraid to use the “product” from new York, knowing that he toxic. The problem was solved by agreeing to supply several farmers in Colorado, and in 1992 there by rail went to the first train of 17 cars loaded with new York-based fertilizers. The stories of one of the local farmers, all of them covered panic, they even wanted to leave the earth, when he learned that “waste water from new York is on the way”. But soon the villagers noticed that those who used recycled biosolid from new York, yield better, and pests in the fields less, and the crap the people of new York appeared excessive demand. The metropolis continued to produce fertilizer, and farmers continued to buy it. Now formulations of granular fertilizer went to Colorado twice a month. The longest train made up 153 of the car.

Concerns Colorado farmers quite reasonable: the opponents of biosolid noted that they often found traces of pharmaceutical drugs, steroids, heavy metals, hormones and pathogens.

Over time, before new York there was a question of prices: the production of fertilizers from human feces (and a day new York city produces 1,200 tons of biosolids) and shipping them thousands of miles by rail flew into the penny — the cost amount reached 100 million dollars per year. As a result, in 2012, the new York decided to give from this method of processing the faeces. Contractors used dump near the metropolis, however, the much reduced the amount of received waste.

the city Authorities, apparently, didn’t want to splurge on a plant similar to the one that solves the problem in Washington: enterprise for nearly half a billion dollars recycle faeces by burning. The leadership of new York decided to give preference to cost-effective method of disposal is to pay intermediary companies that just take out biosolid out of sight. A way to get rid of the human waste turned out to be two times cheaper.

Saving for major cities in the conditions of economy be southern States — local operators offer customers the lowest prices for disposal services. The companies have entered into an agreement with the authorities in a poor American heartland who are willing to give permission for the operation of landfills and in exchange for jobs and a steady income, explained Professor of rural sociology Auburn University in Alabama Conner Bailey. Often these decisions accept to the detriment of local residents and without their knowledge.

It is because of these policies, in Perry (a poor district of Alabama, populated mostly by African Americans) located the landfill where the disposal of coal ash (slag from the combustion of coal, which can log heavy metals) from power plants in the neighboring state of Tennessee. In the city of Uniontown, which is also located in the district of Perry, the local authorities have repeatedly issued a work permit to the operator of a major landfill “Eroded” (Arrowhead Landfill), which accepts waste from 33 other States and covers an area the size of two Central parks in new York. Attempts by local residents to prove that their rights have been violated, do not bring results — local Agency for environment protection claims that a sufficient reason.

a Similar story in the town of Amilly, County of Sumter, where a third of the population is below the poverty line. Near the settlement is the largest in America, the toxic waste dump. Her opened in 1978, by agreement between local authorities and Chemical Waste Management, Inc., however, without the consent of local residents.

the Authorities in new York and new Jersey also aimed to landfills in the South of the country: the metropolis sends about 85 percent of its human waste to landfills in other regions — particularly in the States of Georgia, Ohio and Alabama. The remaining 15 percent goes to fertilizer in raw and processed form. One of the companies that helps the metropolis to get rid of the waste masses, became the Big Sky Environmental working in Jefferson County (al). Company in 2016 bought the land under the landfill, has received all necessary documents from the Department of conservation Alabama and signed a contract with new York. Under the deal, Big Sky recycle about seven percent of all faeces in new York, intended for burial.

the Metropolis started to send feces to Alabama in 2017 — there are plenty used as an alternative coating for the return of land fertility. About a year the system worked, but rural residents fiercely resisted this initiative: in their view, the economic benefits that promise to them, the operators of the landfills and the local authorities will not cover adverse effects associated with the proximity of landfills — their clock is pursuing a terrible smell. “I could not have dreamed that someone in new York will flush in the toilet and its contents will be in my back yard” — said Charles nicks — the mayor of Alabama city of West Jefferson, located in the vicinity of the landfill.

It was in this town trains arrived Big Sky, Laden feces from new York. At the local railway junction, the whole mass is moved on trucks and then transported to the landfill. However, complaints of citizens concerned not only foul smell, insects and the fact that the feces of the residents of another city are brought into their territory — according to residents of West Jefferson, when transporting by truck the contents of the container fall on the street in front of their houses, and in warm weather, the situation became unbearable. Citizens also reported of the “big spills” faeces on the roads: in order to cope with them, had to call firefighters-rescuers.

In August of 2017, in less than a year after Big Sky signed a contract with new York on the utilization of biosolids, the company faced serious problems: the inhabitants of the West Jefferson rendered her an official warning, and at the beginning of 2018 followed by a full ban after the citizens managed to prove in court that the sharp smell that accompanies the activities of Big Sky, violates the local zoning laws and should not be spread near homes.

because Of the restraining order Big Sky did not have time to unload the part from faeces, arrived from new York. Train drove in the town of Parrish, with a population of less than a thousand people, located 40 kilometres from the site where he was stuck for two months, while Big Sky promised to solve the issue in a short time. The train arrived at the Parrish in February, when the temperature has not risen, and, according to the mayor Parrish Heather Hall, first not delivered concern. But in March, the residents realized what is literally under their noses. “Smells like a dead animal: you can smell and begin to look around in search of a dead dog or deer,” the explained Hall.

When authorities tried to remove the train from its territory, it turned out that absence law of zoning (such as in the West Jefferson) the company does not violate any local regulations. In addition, environmental authorities in the state claimed that feces are stored in the train, despite the smell perfectly safe. Meanwhile, the situation in the city became unbearable: residents of houses located close to the train tracks, had smear noses salve with peppermint, to somehow reduce the smell of feces and rot.

the Situation resolve only in mid-April: the composition was drained, and the smell in the city is gradually eroded. Parrish as West Jefferson, failed to achieve a ban against the Big Sky. The city authorities denied the license of the company and any of its branches, they were granted only temporary permission to export the contents of the containers outside the city.

Big Sky is in a difficult position: according to her representative, the organization has permission to work as the operator of the landfill near West Jefferson and Parrish, as well as permission from local authorities on the use of biosolids at the site, however, any activities meet with desperate resistance. And this despite the supposedly positive economic impact to small American cities and the absolute legality. In the midst of the scandal around the train with the faeces Big Sky were in for another nasty surprise: new York refused from the supply of biosolids to the landfill in Jefferson County.

If Alabama is not the first when new York didn’t send your shit to other regions. Previously, landfills in Pennsylvania refused make biosolid from the metropolis, and also after complaints of a terrible smell, and allegations of violations.

new York has developed a new strategy for dealing with faeces: until 2020, the authorities intend to increase the funding for the disposal of waste in human life. By 2030, the metropolis is going to go completely waste-free production. Similar goals set for themselves Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Family of jihadist suicide children staged a series of bombings in churches

the Family of suicide bombers from the bombing of three Christian churches in one of the largest cities in Indonesia — Surabaya. It is reported The Straits Times.

Father blew himself up in the Pentecostal Church, his wife and two daughters 12 and 9 years, made the attack in the Christian Church of Indonesia. Sons 18 and 12 (other information 17 and 15) years, had exploded in the Church of the virgin Mary, passed edition Kompas.com.

according to police, the attack killed at least 11 people, injured 41. It is known that two of the victims — the police guarding the Church.

Explosion is also planned in another local Church, but the police managed to arrest the alleged attacker, whose identity was not reported. The explosive device was able to detect and neutralize another in the one Church of the city.

“police were immediately sent to all potentially dangerous places, particularly at religious sites,” — said the Deputy mayor Vishnu Sakti Buana (Wisnu Sakti Buana) to broadcast local radio.

Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). The family, presumably, was part of a local Islamist group Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD).

“I mean have you ever tried vodka?”

the Inhabitant of Murmansk Anna enrolled at the Norwegian Institute, was there for a few years and moved to Holland. In the framework of the series of articles about compatriots, who moved abroad, “the Tape.ru” publishes a story about Russians living in the two European countries.

I never had a goal to live abroad, but I wanted to try. Living in Murmansk, I often went to Norway. There I liked everything — the country, people, lifestyle, language. As a teenager, I dreamed of studying in Italy, but having been there, I realized that it’s not mine. Comfort among Italians, I didn’t feel they were too temperamental people.

Calm the Norwegians, and the Northern nature was nearer to me. After graduating from University in Moscow I entered a master’s program in tromsø. The process is simple: send the documents, passed the interview on Skype with the Professor, and after a couple months we were drinking wine with the Norwegian cheese on her terrace. The student visa gives no problems, the only condition is to send to the account of the University of about 100 thousand CZK, which will return already in Norway. The training itself is free, the transfer of money is a guarantee that you have something to secure your accommodation at the rate of 10 thousand CZK per month.

Scholarships for my program was not. In 2015, the first time jumped significantly the exchange rate, so to translate nearly a million was dreading it, but we took a chance, and in the end everything turned out. Many students from CIS countries take out a loan or borrow from friends, and then immediately transferred the money back, get a job and live on the earnings.

the work of the students find difficult. In Europe, mostly it is not customary to work during their studies (in Moscow all had internships and third year, many have been and full-time job). Both Norwegian and foreign students work part time mainly in cafes, shops, hotels.

In Tromso was still a special opportunity — travel guide. In the season of Northern lights is from September to March the little town fills with tourists every night, dozens of buses taking them to the Northern lights (in the city allegedly interferes with the light, but it’s more of a trick). The work is hard, night, and get easy: requires knowledge of several languages and the pictures (off the Northern lights even professional camera hard). In addition, competition in place of the guide is very high.

a Photo posted by @anna_logv

Every season in tromsø comes a huge number of young people from all over the world to work as tour an unforgettable experience and great pay. For it does take some students. I know this job decided one Italian, and from the first wages I bought myself a MacBook, lenses for the camera and have done us a lot of pizza. Not bad for part-time work!

to Me this option is not suitable: the language was English only, and have two European. Norwegian I started to teach in Moscow. In the end, went to work at a coffee shop Barista. It was interesting, a lot of practice of language — I was the only foreign employee. With all quickly became friends. Generally it is said that Norwegians (and Scandinavians in General) are not very social people (as in the comics, the Finnish nightmare). In fact, they just respect his and others ‘ personal space, and they need time to get used to a new person. The rest depends on the individual.

Our Norwegian teacher said, if your colleague comes to work in tears and said that I broke up with a guy, is to say “I’m sorry”, but in any case not to ask “why?”. If someone died — the same thing that he’d committed suicide, and is not discussed. But I have such situations never arose in the first week, a colleague at the coffee shop told you everything about all the residents of the city who broke up with who, who got in a fight — in General, no barriers in communication I have not met.

a Photo posted by @anna_logv

the Norwegians are nice people, they appreciate and love nature, family, home. They are extremely loyal to foreigners, schools can be seen that all are friends — Norwegians, Iranians, poles… by the Way, even students are trying to earn money: age 14 I’m able to work on weekends and on vacation.

Now Norway is a very rich country, people can afford to let a lot (even I, working as a Barista 20 hours a week, get enough to pay rent, it is a nice place to live, to travel and even to save). But wealth had fallen on Norway not so long ago — about 50 years ago a small fishing country found oil and is now living well. Incidentally, most of the oil is deposited in the Fund of the future for the next generations, who will not have so many natural resources. Now, the Norwegians are very simple people, accustomed to toil. Wealth show no love, everything is equal. And children trying to teach the same — even the guys from well off families washing dishes at the cafe on weekends. Of course, there are also terribly spoiled, but this is an exception.

a Photo posted by @anna_logv

the biggest shock was caused by the medicine in Norway. In General, the approach may have some common sense, but the Russian people is questionable. Walking through the Mall, you stumble over a couple of times lying on the floor infants: while their parents drink coffee nearby, the baby licks the floor — and nothing, “the immune system will be stronger.” Eating a loaf of bread from the earth — “nothing, the body will cope”. The drugs here are not to buy without a prescription, and the prescription for them are virtually not get. In the second year of study I traveled to Svalbard, and very cold. Went to the doctor who concluded: “Well, sometimes, lie at home a few days.” The cold passed and returned, no medication was given, in the end, three weeks had fever, lymph nodes are swollen to the size of tennis balls, he lost his voice and even hearing. The doctor all looked, measured pressure and said, “Well, signs of viruses, I do not see, drink more water”. The next day I flew to Murmansk with the intention still to recover. Our doctor was in shock. In Norway after serious operations people discharged home the next day, to antibiotics are treated like poison otraslyam the body, but emotional health is very delicate. One of my colleagues once sat in a hospital for four months because I broke up with her boyfriend and was depressed. Hospital, by the way, paid in full — 100 percent of salary.

the attitude to the Russian, in principle, relaxed. Faced with stereotypes three times. The first — when two guys from Austria was horrified: “the sense is-s-Isle you never drink vodka?” Had a drink with them… the second time I was approached by a schoolgirl, which we have worked: “You from Russia? That is, do you like Putin?” By the way, very surprised by the knowledge of adolescents about politics and the situation in the world as a whole. She was interested to hear that all is not as the media show that Putin does not represent all Russian. But the victims of propaganda, I also met one is pretty adult Norwegian asked whether they would like to start learning Russian, because they have heard that Putin will soon attack Norway. Not sure if it was a joke.

by the Way, no less shocked some Russian. There was a girl from Siberia, in most cases are pleasant, but from time to time it was taken off the statements “I hate all Americans”, “Putin is great because everyone is scared of him”. She once said in the face of my English friend-gay: “Gay is disgusting”.

it is Very difficult to dispel stereotypes, when someone diligently constructs.

you’ll be studying. The whole theory is self-study. University is practice. I studied business, most of the time we have worked with different companies, startups and internal projects of the University. It was really interesting. Very shocking graduation projects. Everyone got innovative stuff, you had to take in quite a new sphere, not to write a business plan for any of the stalls with Shawarma.

I got a project in the Arctic underwater biorobots. Traveled to Svalbard to study Microbiology, and bioengineering. At school in physics I had a d-minus in biology or three plus. And here I was at the lecture with the doctors of Sciences and PhDs from all over the world, wearing the Arctic suit for fieldwork, learned to shoot a gun (in Svalbard polar bears more than humans) — and this is all, roughly speaking, MBA. In General for two years was a lot of interesting teachers: some had a meditation at the beginning of the lecture, others were offered to move to the beach, many evenings we gathered in the bar to drink wine and chat, even to visit each other go. By the way, if Norway go to house party — all drinks bring (and take away if not finished). Probably because alcohol is very expensive.

Like that in Norway, and indeed in Europe, there is no pressure on the youth in the spirit of “after school should immediately to the University, will not do — life is over”. After University — work, family, children, all according to plan. In Norway almost no one goes to University right after high school. Many take a couple of years off work, decide what I really want to do, and don’t study “just to high”. In my group the youngest was me and a girl from Ukraine. The rest of 26-30, there were even three people from the USA, Finland and Indonesia, the issue was already 35.

After graduation, you can stay in Norway, find a job — maybe not immediately, but find. My classmate from Ukraine together with the student of the technical faculty came up with some big idea, got a state grant and opened his own business.

I had planned to stay, but it so happened that I moved to Holland. Everything is different here. In Tromso there were mountains, snow, the polar night. For me as a man of the North it is close. In the Netherlands there is no snow, but it was still raining and the wind is blowing. At first it seemed that the life here is much cheaper (Norway is in fact called the most expensive country) — food is cheaper, housing is like too. But then we fell on tax bills, insurance payments, social and municipal taxes, tax on water, garbage, etc. to put it Mildly, to plan the budget for the beginner to Holland is difficult, because every month comes some unexpected expense. Even a tax on the dog is. Still have to pay medical insurance — a minimum of 100 euros a month.

Wages are decent, although the Norwegian does not compare. At any time you can go to France, Germany, Belgium — all very close and the planes to Europe cheap: for example, in Italy you can fly for 20 Euro. Holland is a very beautiful country, here you are surrounded by history, architecture, canals, bikes… People are open and kind-hearted. All speak English to visitors is tolerated. In most companies the working language is English. The main transport is the bike (car, again, a bunch of taxes). The most delicious cheese.

a Photo posted by @anna_logv

a Little shocked by the process of opening a Bank account in Norway, apply online, and three days later, the card in the mailbox. In the Netherlands called for an interview, almost an hour, asked questions, asked about the relationship with Cyprus, Cuba, United States. Turned out customers from Russia belong to the group of geographical risk. The Manager even showed column — Syria, Russia, Cuba, Iraq. It was a bit disappointing, but in the end the map I still got it.

Another impression of foreigners in the Netherlands. In Facebook there is a group “expats in the Hague/Oslo/Paris…”, where foreigners share their experiences of life in this new country, ask questions, and even find friends. I was impressed by the level of social initiatives of immigrants. Regularly someone asks: “is There a homeless shelter where I volunteer”, “Where can I donate clothes”, “Why Lidl wrapped in plastic each cucumber, let’s write a protest and have a strike.” By the way, was recently a special offer of shoppers in stores removed obviously unnecessary plastic products and left at the box office in protest.

you can See that it’s important for people to do something useful for society, care for nature, to solve social problems. “Which party in the elections is against the felling of trees under a new tram line? Where can I find detailed election programs?” People believe that their opinion matters, that they are powerless to change anything. Of course, not all visitors. Very often in the same group occurs a stormy debate on the topic “Why do you call yourselves expats? You are the same immigrants, like everything else, just from the more developed countries.” Meanwhile, in Arabic, Polish, Turkish districts of the city streets still uncleared garbage and dog feces.

Holland is a comfortable country. Well, in General, each new country is a new experience, experience. But he still plans to return to Norway after some time, because I see my life there.

More stories about the lives of Russians who moved to other countries — in the story “Russian abroad”. If you want to tell your story, send letters to e-mail life@lenta-co.ru.


it Seems Russian football is back in the glorious 2000s. Moscow “locomotive” became the champion, Spartak the title was lost, and CSKA was somewhere near them. Lacking only the gold match, which in 2002 decided the fate of medals. However, this season it was not necessary — the railroad already in 29-m round has received a long-awaited trophy. And they came to this more than comfortable.

Dmitry Loskov in the terrible confusion takes the ball in one motion puts it on the ground and frankly has little, but ends up at the corner of 35th rooms CSKA — no, not Igor Akinfeev. Then, in November 2002, in the penalty area CSKA were featured Ruslan Nigmatullin. One step in the right direction did not allow the goalkeeper to reflect the impact of “tens” of “Locomotive”: in the sixth minute gold match of the championship of Russia-2002 railway workers came forward.

95-th minute of the red-green that ran the time in all possible ways, heard the final whistle for the first time in history made them Champions of Russia. Hugs, kisses, cries, attempts by young Dmitry Guberniev to interview the coach of the champion, and all this under the strange hum of the crowd, which was half an army.

the center of attention, in addition to Dmitry Loskov, and was Yuri Semin. Then the coach looked younger, but had a fabulous experience. That victory was the natural result of progressive development of the Moscow club, who in the late 1990s, regularly went to the winners, took the national Cup and were fighting for European trophies. That was the team name Semina specialist came in “Loco” in 1992, and for the second time.

And that 2002 brings the long-awaited gold. They were heroes. Semin, Loskov and their team interrupted the protracted hegemony of the Moscow “Spartak”. What was worse, the railroad launched a “black” series of red-and-white, which they were able to complete only last season.

of Course, the difference between the championship and the most recent obvious. Early in the season for Loko would put only a madman who does not consider money. The team scored less than all of the clubs in the top five and somehow silently moved higher and higher, and then quickly found himself in the lead. Here and remembered that before the start of the championship at the disposal of the Seeds were players who, no matter how trivial, complement each other. Bloomed again Igor Denisov, which the Russian team would come in handy, played Jefferson Farfan, notably fly around the world in the course of the season, and Manuel Fernandes showed that alone is able to lead the entire game.

“locomotive” was a slender team against the competitors turned out to be more and more stable. Maybe sometimes this stability was closely associated with boredom and playing on result. But what a romance! First — “Spartak” now “Loko”. Both championship have been waiting less than all, the two behind had a hell of a series with no gold medals, but… their heroes award still found. Although last season that in the current among the applicants for the main trophy of the ruthless Russian football there were more obvious options.

Zenit in the beginning, sad middle peasants of the championship of Russia. In 2002, the first League for Lokomotiv, Zenit became the tenth. The team had no money Gazprom, she was not the most equipped in the country in composition, it was not coach Roberto Mancini. Although… it is Unlikely in Petersburg now it is possible to find at least one person who genuinely misses the Italian.

After Mancini after the final match (by the way, Zenit crushing beat “SKA-Khabarovsk” — 6:0) said goodbye to Peter, club and fans, not to say that his goodbye was warm and friendly. Unnecessary victory with the score 6:0 unlikely to do this for nearly a year, during which Zenit Mancini only occasionally showed something intelligible.

More will be remembered by millions of euros, thoughtlessly thrown to the Argentine players who are not too strengthened the team. Well remembered for unhappy Mina Roberto, when after injury Alexander Kokorin suddenly it became clear that to score in Zenith, no one else. “I decided to leave the club about three months ago,” Mancini said at the last press conference. It lasted for six months. And the rest of the time, who taxied the most stocked team in the country? It turns out, too, no?

After all, with players like Mancini had to win the championship. This has rivals. Spartak half of the season suffered from postcanonical syndrome, we lost points in matches with “Tosno” and “Anji” and constantly faced with criticism, however, is well deserved. CSKA half of the season played without a clear Central striker and with an aging defence. The eternal problem of CSKA in this season became even more apparent, but use them only managed Lokomotiv. In the end, the problem of the Moscow clubs uncontested occupied the entire podium, and the “Zenit” with its multi-million Argentines took fifth place. Ahead was even “Krasnodar”, which changed coaches near the end of the season.

Now Zenit is looking for a new coach and looks back on the Italian market. Sinisa Mihajlovic, Maurizio Sarri, the company modestly wormed authoritative Sergei Semak. On the market the eyes of they also attract the players with the Apennines. Everything in Luciano Spalletti that the club has not for four years. Championship solid of flashback, honestly.

the Geography of the next world Cup, Russia would be much narrower, because “SKA-Khabarovsk” scored only 13 points in 30 games and was relegated to the first division. The Eastern Premier League club did not save either 15 home matches that the teams have got third of the day or the freezing cold that gripped the city in the fall. Khabarovsk was a major exotic in this drawing, but with their departure, the tournament is hardly much to lose.

Along with the “SKA-Khabarovsk” into the deep fell and the FNL “Tosno” — the newly minted winner of the Cup of Russia, who won uncontested in the nomination “the Most useless tournament in the country.” In the final of the club from Leningrad region have beaten not somebody, and the Kursk “vanguard” — not enough stars in the sky of the middle peasant second force in the League.

Because the Cup is coming out really strange thing. Top clubs fight for it do not particularly want, because it gives “only” place in the Europa League but not the Champions League. Victory in the main tournament of the Old world remains for the Russian clubs a pipe dream, but to be in the group stage forever third, apparently, it seems more prestigious. At large teams to the national Cup already long established relationship as an unnecessary trinket. Increasingly, there is soloed clubs in the second tier.

In the end we have “Tosno”, who won the trophy but did not get into the Europa League. Neither the winner or the finalist of the Cup did not get the license, so a ticket to the tournament will go to Ufa — the local club has become this season already the sixth. And that “Tosno”? And “Tosno” pleased myself and the few fans, received a modest prize… well, and flew to Germany.

Directly in the Premier League made it “Orenburg” and old friends, of the Samara “wings of the Soviets”. In the transitional matches from the top division will play two club “A” — “Anzhi” and “Amkar”. The opponents of the losers of this draw will be the third and fourth commands FPNL — Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei” and “Tambov”. The matches will take place a little later, and the reward for the winners will be the same: the right to play in the new season of the championship of Russia — such a strange, but his.

The ancient world

held in early may, the ball costume Institute Met Gala actress Sarah Jessica Parker shocked the audience with his obviously aged and wrinkled face, sadly contrastirovania dress and extravagant tiara in the form of a tabernacle. “the Tape.ru” understand why old age is, in the opinion of the audience, is the main flaw of the stars, and how many older celebrities do age their dignity.

biology and physiology has its own laws. According to him the attractiveness of individuals, at least among mammals, is determined by her fertility. While individual capable of reproduction, it is strong and fresh. Hormonal decline prior to the loss of fertility launches “the self-destruct mechanism,” bones are brittle, teeth decay and fall out, the muscles atrophy, the skin grabnet, covered with wrinkles and age spots, the piece “shrinks” or, on the contrary, spreads to formlessness, disfigure joints, arthritis and rheumatism.

the Sad injustice of nature that human society where biological factors are complemented by social stereotypes, physical attractiveness is recognized for women is almost mandatory, and for men only are desired. The feature of the Homo sapiens species is that females lose their fertility (and with it “marketable” as it is called consumer-minded men) earlier than males. Modern medical science establishes women of childbearing age in the General health condition with an average of 15 to 49 years (in some countries up to 44 years), and man, if he is healthy and in good physical shape, it is able to produce offspring up to 60 years and sometimes later. Many inattentive readers of the classics terribly surprised to learn that in the opinion of Balzac, the notorious middle-age and coming into menopause and immediately after thirty.

The saddest thing for women in this situation — the fact that, because of the same social and biological reasons, women in the population more often than men. So in fifty years a man may choose a partner, but if he has the resources and desire, and to choose with passion, to descend to relatively young women and to demand their appearance and consumer qualities. A woman 50+ I advise you to think about the soul and grandchildren (as an option — about the hobby and the beds at the cottage). This, of course, bad-looking woman of the middle or Mature years, together referred to as unkempt and raspolahaly, and the man could push the crowd belly, breathe the fumes or comb on his bald head lonely hairs — no one will not say a word.

On the women’s forums and in social networks it is often possible to meet opinion that the so-called grooming, the latest achievements of cosmetology and plastic surgery is able to slow down and almost reverse the inexorable action of time. They say, you can always jump into a cauldron of boiling milk and to pop out good fellow, or rather, a red girl, you just need to choose the right boiler, pay for swimming, not to be lazy and not be afraid to dive in. And who doesn’t is lazy, a coward and nosebridge.

Typically, these uncompromising assessments are still young, fertile women who in young adulthood spend a large proportion of their budget on miracle creams “for young skin”, supposedly anti-aging (which actually does not occur at the time still purely biologically). Survivors of hormone-driven steady changes on their own, in the literal sense of the word, the hard way, and having read promotional articles in support of the “youth” creams, they sincerely believe that it’s only in their hands.

tellingly, the leading cosmetic giants is the significance of the trend in sales: if twenty years ago, they actively pushed it on the young paying audience, but now the philosophy of the “new youth” instructs them to contact age ladies. A perfect illustration of this is the history of model Isabella Rossellini: large and very well known cosmetic brand for a long time enjoyed it, showed her the door because of old age, when she has passed forty, and not so long ago, twenty years later, again invited to work.

Its unfortunate role in the conviction of society (women and men) in that aging equals laziness and unwillingness to “deal with them”, plays and the lack of education of the majority in the natural Sciences. In many ways, the aging depends on genetics: if the grandmother of a young woman, not knowing any high-rejuvenating technology, 75, looks 65, flirts with peers and with them dancing a tango, and most young ladies also have a chance for a long time to look good. Unfortunately, the converse is also true. Aging is also influenced by hereditary diseases, including those associated with metabolism.

in addition, there are different types of aging is also genetically determined. For example, many Italians and inhabitants of other southern countries characterized by the so-called melkomorschinisty type of aging of the skin (such as Sarah Jessica Parker, for example): the face is covered with wrinkles, but its outlines remain, it is not gutter, not acquires Bryl and second chin. With wrinkles can from time to time to cope Botox injections and other advanced means, and flews only helps the plastic surgeon’s knife — and then about the woman who paid the last lot of money and dared to neglect the side effects of surgical intervention for youth, will surely say: “the old Woman with braces, a dead thing smeared with gold”.

the Sad paradox is that from old age, at least in our days, no money. If you can get rid of excess weight, excess hair, undesirable residue on the face and even flaws of the bite, to win the age cannot anyone except the fairy tale characters. Even the best plastic surgeon, hairdresser, therapist and makeup artist will not be able to destroy the signs of old age — in part to disguise.

In recent years old age and ageing have become a separate topic in the movement of bodypositive, and a considerable role in rehabilitation of age played, as so often happens, celebrities — those who reached a ripe old age for 2000-2010 years, but did not wish, as it was before, go to character roles in film and on the second in social life. Idols of the middle and second half of the last century, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren — and behind them, and younger stars, but has become middle-frontier announce its position regarding the age and relationship to age.

they Do it openly, in a verbal interview,or non-verbal, noisy public appearance after the next lift, or, on the contrary, in all the splendor of its natural. The last is particularly distinguished for Brigitte Bardot: from genetics to her in his youth an irresistible charming and fresh as a flower, is clearly not so lucky, and grow old it’s not too aesthetically pleasing.

However, Brigitte, from a young age to adhere to a vegetarian animal advocate and supporter of natural (except for the love of faux fur and the skin — a necessary measure for vegetarians), pointedly neglects the tricks of plastic surgery. Someone is ideologically admire someone aesthetically appalling, but one way or another, Brigitte makes a big public thing: it shows that even old, ugly, and old age, a woman should not “Vyritsa” from public life and limit their existence closed club, if you’re rich, or a bench at the entrance, if you are poor.

If Bardo is knowingly not doing operations, its competitor in his younger years, movie star Catherine Deneuve, initially opposed the plastiki, made it, and too ostentatiously, with a link to Brigitte: do not want to turn into something like this, it is necessary to maintain self-esteem.

There are extremes in the position molodyascheysya: Deneuve corrects at least and the inexorable ravages of time on the face and body, making it moderately and dresses accordingly. And Sophia Loren, on the contrary, 71 half-dressed posing for the calendar Pirelli, and ten years later not fitting, but rather modest dress, but with hair and makeup starred in the commercial for Dolce & Gabbana.

Even more strange look attempts to keep youth from fashion designer Donatella Versace. She was still young abused experiments in the operating room of the plastic surgeons that weighed heavily on her appearance, and in his declining years, it seems, had lost critical. A photo of her with the same Met Gala bring to light the horror, but Donatella can’t think of draping your hands with saggy wrinkly skin and shoulders with age spots, not to mention dekolirovaniya bust with implants. I must say that in the XIX century it in this form hardly would have understood in high society: then ladies, reaching the age of decay, draped shoulders, shawls, and the most extreme of them, not wanting to abandon the neckline, ordered a wax lining on the neck and chest.

Now such tricks are not necessary largely due to so brave and contemptuous of public opinion, women like Donatella, or, for example, pop star Madonna, regularly, despite the summer, exposing Breasts on stage. Behind these brave ladies, and other women their age is less or even not known, choose the clothes and the makeup style and hairstyle that you see fit, spit on stereotypes.

it is a Pity that men still prefer youth: the Italian Monica Bellucci great genes, and she keeps herself in great shape, but her long-term marriage with Vincent Cassel broke up: although he is younger than 53-year-old Monica’s only three years, he easily found a much younger partner: his girlfriend, model Tina Kunaki, now only 21, and at the time your excursions in Kassel was 20. This fact no one is appalled, everyone is talking about what a beautiful couple. But when the age difference is observed in the opposite direction, all the tabloids and social media users usually blame the woman of pedophilia, no matter how well she may seem.

One of the most famous women of the twentieth century Gabrielle Chanel in their Mature years claimed (or she is credited with enviable persistence) that middle-aged woman gets what a person deserves, and that a smart woman will always make themselves beautiful. In the second decade of the XXI century one of the most famous fashion influencers, 96-year-old American designer and blogger iris Apfel in interview feminist publications claims that it is much better to be ugly than beautiful: a beautiful woman, they say, is not developed and remains simply beautiful, and the ugly underlines its individuality. When you look at the very iris — like now, and the old photos it becomes clear that she knows what he’s talking about.