Named the reason of wreck of An-26 in Syria

the Cause of the crash of a Russian An-26 in Syria could be damage to the flaps. On Saturday, March 10, according to “Kommersant”, citing sources close to the investigation.

According to experts in military transport aircraft, when flaps one of them threw up. Because of this, visiting a landing the plane suddenly banked, went into a steep dive and “peck” nose. The interlocutor of the edition noted that in this situation, even experienced crew is nothing you can do to avoid disaster.

the Military transport aircraft An-26 crashed in Syria on March 6. He fell while landing at the Russian base Hamim, before reaching the strip of about 500 meters. On Board were 39 people, including 27 officers and warrant officers and contract servicemen.

The Pentagon has left trump no tanks

the Pentagon did not give permission for the use of tanks in a military parade in Washington. It is reported Assosiated Press.

In the explanatory Memorandum of the military Department notes that the streets of the us capital will take only “wheeled vehicles”, the tanks will inflict too much damage to infrastructure. The Pentagon has consented to the use of U.S. air force aircraft at the end of the parade.

the Parade will be on veterans Day 11 Nov. It is planned that military equipment will be from the White house to the Capitol.

the documents do not specify the costs of the event. However, according to Assosiated Press, earlier, the White house estimated that the parade will require from 10 to 30 million dollars of taxpayers ‘ money.

Putin commented on the photo riding a bear

Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly complained that his photos in the workplace interested in less than pictures, in which he is depicted bare-chested. He said this during an interview with NBC News, reports TASS.

Answering the question how to take a picture of him on horseback shirtless, the Russian leader said that he relaxes in a similar way. “In many other pictures I captured during the operation, but no one is interested”, — he said with a smile.

“I saw a photo on which I’m riding, riding a bear, the President added. But I have never rode a bear. But these pictures are.”

Killed all captured male war syndrome hostages

Three hostages in a home for veterans in Yountville (California), and the criminal is found dead. It is reported Napa Valley Register.

Killed were women who worked in the institution.

With the offender tried to contact negotiators, however, he cut off all communication and refused to go on contact.

Earlier it was reported that armed with assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest and a 36-year-old man broke in the house of veterans, where more than 800 combatants. The suspect suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (war syndrome) and had attended a rehabilitation program for veterans of the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, but was expelled from it two weeks ago.

Putin accused the U.S. of meddling in elections in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US has been interfering in the elections in Russia. He told about it in interview to TV channel NBC News.

“We are the US representatives speak recently at the highest level: “You are constantly in our political life interfere”. Imagine they do not even deny it”, he said.

the Russian leader once again stressed that Moscow does not interfere in U.S. elections. “We have principles which is that no one is allowed to interfere in our internal Affairs. And we do not interfere in the Affairs of others. We do not set ourselves such a goal, as intervention in the elections. We can’t see what goal we can achieve through such intervention. We have no such goal. Let’s imagine that we have set ourselves the goal to intervene. For what? Intervene only in order to intervene? For what purpose?”, he said.

in Addition, Putin laid the responsibility for the damaged Russian-American relations in the United States.

Putin’s Words are given in reverse translation from English.

Earlier, the Russian leader suggested that the Russians, whom spectracolor USA Robert Muller has accused of meddling in American elections, could work for US. “They can, being a Russian, to work for an American company. Maybe some of them worked for some of the candidates”, — Putin said and stressed that among the accused “with the same success” could be the Americans.