The white model has become black and baptized

Model Martina big from Germany that was born white blonde and underwent a course of injections to change the colour to black, went to Kenya and was baptized with the traditional name Swahili. About it reports the Mirror.

“She’s one of my Kenyan friends told a local pastor about my transformation into a black woman and how much I want to be African” — said big. Then the pastor invited the German Church in Nyeri, where she received baptism and baptized with the name Malaika Kubwa, which means “great angel.”

According to the former big, she’s happy and proud to have become a real African woman. She also noted that even her features looked more and more like African.

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“I was surprised at how many people know me in Kenya,” shared the model, and added that it is constantly suitable in the streets to take pictures.

In the Syrian Duma, has earned the Russian military police

the Russian military police started to operate in the Syrian city of Duma on Thursday, April 12. This was reported in the defense Ministry, reports RIA Novosti.

“[Russian forces] are the guarantor of law and order in the city”, — said the Agency, adding that “the situation in the city Duma to normal”.

Earlier, on 12 April it became known that the Syrian government troops took control of the city Duma, who was under the control of militants from the group “Jaish al-Islam”.

Japanese officials accused of harassment to journalists

a Senior official of the Ministry of Finance of Japan were accused of sexual harassment by journalists. It is reported TASS.

Explained that the Secretary-General Ministry of Finance, Jun’ichi Fukuda repeatedly made obscene remarks about women journalists. In particular, he asked if he could touch their Breasts, and invited to go with him to the hotel.

This incident is condemned as representatives of the ruling bloc and the opposition party. The Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Japan Taro ASO declared the offender a severe reprimand.

In February, the reporter “the Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farida Rustamova, the producer of “Rain” Darya Zhuk and Deputy editor-in-chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze told about the harassment of the Deputy state Duma Leonid Slutskiy. Rustamova have survived the audio assault official who, ignoring the rebuff, and asked her to become his mistress, called “satuday” and, according to the journalist, touched the pubis. Slutsky denies the charges, calling them “low-grade provocation.”

The white house has called Russia a “villain”

in Front of Moscow’s task is to help Washington to decide whether Russia is an enemy of the United States or not. About it said press Secretary White house Sarah Sanders.

“We believe that the Russians established themselves in the role of villain. We hope that this will change,” she said, answering the question whether the us authorities Russia an “enemy.” “Russia needs to play a role in determining this,” added Sanders.

Earlier, on 12 April, the candidate for the post of Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump considers Russia a “threat to the country”, and the soft policy of the US towards Moscow passed.

11 APR Sanders told that, according to trump that Russia is involved in chemical attack in Syria because it supports the President Bashar Assad and “could not guarantee the destruction of Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons.”

U.S. Treasury April 5 introduced against Russian oligarchs, officials and top managers of state companies new sanctions.