In Belgium started to distribute the pills in case of nuclear disaster

Residents of Belgium from Tuesday, March 6, began to hand out free containing iodine pills in case of nuclear disaster. As reported by RTBF, the drugs will help to limit the risk of thyroid cancer.

According to the information portal, the decision was made in accordance with the new nuclear security plan developed by the government. He suggests that should be protected, citizens living not only in close proximity to nuclear power plants, as previously, but in a radius of 100 kilometers from them. As noted, thus covered the entire territory of Belgium.

Initially, the tablet will be available for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and social workers. However, upon request, pharmacists can give them and the others. It is noted that the population should be warned that the preparations of iodine are not good under normal circumstances.

the Telegraph in 2016 reported that the planned distribution of the inhabitants of the drugs associated with the threats of militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). They allegedly planned to kidnap an expert on nuclear energy and to create a so-called dirty bomb.

In September 2017 in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France recorded an increase in the levels of the isotope ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere. The Federal office for radiation protection, Germany noted that it does not threaten human health. The source of infection called the release of the radionuclide in the Chelyabinsk region.

Bloody route

March 6, Novosibirsk maniac Eugene Cuplinskas was sentenced to life imprisonment for 19 murders of women. It is possible that in the future the list will be more victims: to this day, the murderer confessed in 29 massacres. “” remember the terrible history — all the victims were found on the territory of Novosibirsk and its suburbs.

the Story of how they caught Novosibirsk maniac, read article of the correspondent of”.ru” Igor Nadezhdin.

November 19, 1998 in the forest near the plant “Molino Coca-Cola” (a suburb of Novosibirsk) teenager looking for firewood — but in the pile of garbage under the iron sheet found a man’s head. He immediately ran to mom, and she called the police. During the inspection of the scene a few tens of meters in the core of a discarded refrigerator was found a woman’s torso with a severed genitals. To identify the dead failed, the cause of death was traumatic brain injury. The exact time of her death was also not known at the time of detection of soft tissue is thoroughly frozen, so that the murder was committed at least five to seven days before discovery.

many years later, the surviving skull was reconstructed the face — but after that the relatives of the deceased could not be found. Received the genetic profile of a woman — but it did not help in its identification. In the indictment, it appears as “woman # 1”. According to investigators, she became the first victim Cuplinskas — it happened a month after his wedding.

February 26, 1999, in a vacant lot near the warehouse on the street Petukhov (Novosibirsk) gardeners local garden Association found two severed female foot. And on April 13 in a vacant lot in the neighboring Leninsky district accidentally pass by a couple taking out the trash found on the roadside in the forest a severed female head and a hand. During the inspection of the scene 50 meters away from the head was found a torso without a chest. Verification by fingerprints showed that the dead — 19-year-old Eugene S., who was engaged in prostitution. She was last seen on the second of January 1999, but even 21 Feb friends heard from her, esemes. The exact date of the girl’s death not established — as the cause of death; presumably, Eugene was strangled.

may 27, 1999, on the sidelines of the alley Bugrinskij settlement (Novosibirsk) in the thickets of suckers, the driver who had stopped to pick some mugs (for personal needs, as he explained) found a severed female head, whose face by this time is completely rotted. Other parts of the body could not be found. The cause of death is unknown, but, as in the previous case, a number of signs pointed to strangulation. In the indictment, the victim listed as “woman # 3” is allocated neither the genotype nor the facial reconstruction did not help identify her.

October 18, 1999, in a field opposite the petrol station at the settlement Young Leninets (a suburb of Novosibirsk) unknown man found women’s boots, and next to it — cut off the feet and lower leg. It happened about two hours later, said the duty of the local police Department, but to introduce myself and meet the investigative team refused. However, the description of the terrain gave exactly: near old body of the car KrAZ. The experts indeed found at the named place in the fragments of the female body: the separated arms, legs and torso without the chest. Next was found a fire pit and remnants of men’s and women’s clothing. Near found a used condom. The head in this case could not be found, the exact cause of death is unknown — presumably strangulation.

November 2, 1999 father and son on the truck GAS was coming home from a walk, and on a country road that leads from the Soviet highway in the direction of the village Tulinskoe (a suburb of Novosibirsk), noticed a flock of crows. Intrigued, they drove closer and found the naked body without a head. Rebounding from it, they are about 20 meters away noticed standing on the hills the head of a woman with bright red hair — actually, it’s hair and drew their attention.

the fingerprint field investigators established that the victim is 28-year-old drug addict with experience Svetlana A., which was engaged in prostitution and “helped information operatives”. She went missing on 2 October. On the body, the experts found traces of beatings, broken ribs and several stab wounds, but the probable cause of death was strangulation. On the body everything else was discovered traces of semen and they managed to preserve.

April 1, 2000 on the shore of a career “Borok” (Novosibirsk) in five metres from a railway station were found two hands. They belonged to the “woman No. 6”. It’s murder to detention Cuplinskas was not known to police. April 21 near the stop of public transport “Khladokombinat” was discovered female head. The experts found that these fragments belong to the same woman — 21-year-old Svetlana S., engaged in prostitution. 17 April of the same year on the side of the old road at the Green Cape passers-by noticed a woman’s torso with a missing breast. Experts determined that all the fragments belong to the same body.

on 27 may 2000, two students, going back home, just freed of ice the river Tulka (tributary of the Ob) within the boundaries of Novosibirsk has noticed a severed female foot and reported to the police. June 9 the same guys, walking the same route, found the second leg. In this case neither the head nor other parts of the body cannot be found. This victim appears in criminal case as “woman №7” — its identity was never established.

April 20, 2000 at the dump behind the factory ELSIB (Novosibirsk) fifth-grader found a human head with long hair. At first he thought it was a mannequin, and decided to scare his comrades. But classmates, looking at the head, said it was not a dummy, and need to call the police… the Dead was identified quickly — it was 21-year-old Svetlana S. Her sister testified that the girl in 1999, left the College, where he studied cooking, and joined the firm on rendering of intimate services. The owner of the company quickly found and he testified that on January 19 the Lights were sent to bath sports “Alofokemusic” to a regular customer. But he claimed that a prostitute went live, and this testimony is confirmed by four independent witnesses. Other parts of her body never found.

March 16, 2001, the family of Novosibirsk has decided to recruit in a field outside the city the land for seedlings. They arrived to village Tolmachevo (a suburb of Novosibirsk), chose a place where the snow was less, and saw a parcel. In it the head of the family discovered a woman’s torso with no arms, legs, head and chest. The arrived police 50 meters away from the body noticed a knitted hat tied with a pink pin stuck in the ground, as it later turns out, in her the killer wrapped the head. And the pink pin was faloimmitator. March 25, not far from this place soldiers returning to the part noticed in the field a flock of crows and decided to see what it is. They found the scattered fragments of the hands and feet, and each cut off piece was carefully wrapped in newspaper. About the incident immediately reported to the command, and the officer reported the discovery to the police.

the Victim was identified a month later, when I managed to restore her facial features. Irina B. from the end of January was wanted as a missing person. And was looking for her colleagues, and the family — Irene was the 12-year-old son who lived with his grandmother and which she often traveled. 31-year-old woman worked as a Deputy chief editor of the specialized accounting journal, and was distinguished for punctuality and humble behavior. Only shortly before his disappearance, she amazed everyone by coming to a Christmas party in skimpy clothes: be it at work never seen. Police quickly identified the room which was removed to the deceased, and the landlady gave other testimony. According to her, Irina called every night men, and different, and she left with them in restaurants and night clubs. Came home at two or three in the morning — but every day at 08:59 were at work, and in a very modest and chaste clothing.the Cause of death was asphyxiation.

April 7, 2001, the day before palm Sunday, two teenagers went from the holiday village of “Green Cape” (Novosibirsk) to pick some willows and near a stop “Radio station” found a woman’s head. April 25, about a mile from this place by a local resident under the melted snow found two female legs. Other fragments could not be found. “Woman No. 10” was most likely strangled to death — at least, on a small piece of neck experts have recorded strangulation furrow (the trace of the noose). But an unambiguous conclusion, when she arose, or immediately after death, experts abstained.

March 28, 2002 for 112 garages at home on the street Parkhomenko (Novosibirsk) three-year-old boy found a woman’s head with hair the color of a weak solution of potassium permanganate. She was wrapped in the male worn shirt. On the back of the head was clearly visible chopped wound, but according to experts, it was postmortem. The identity of the deceased could not be established is a “woman No. 11”.

Early on the morning of 19 April 2003, two brothers came to the dump at the bus stop “Tarnaya Baza” (Novosibirsk) — they were going to find a container for firewood. Seeing a good bag, one of the brothers picked it up and out rolled a bundle in which was a female head. And on April 25, approximately in the same place under the melted snow had found a black plastic bag with the logo of BMW. In it lay a blood stained items of women’s clothing — bra and skirts to blouses and jackets. Blood, as set by the experts, the same genetic profile was found with his head “woman # 12”.

may 1, 2003 in the ravine near the greenhouses of the farm “Kirovets” (Novosibirsk) was discovered head missing Svetlana A. — she was listed in the wanted list since April 15. Interviewing relatives and friends of the girls showed: Svetlana worked in the firm, to provide sexual services. Other fragments of the body was found and was not.

Irina P. on 28 November 2003 left the house in a jacket and a sweater, associated her mother. Him dead and identified: in this sweater was wrapped torso Irene, was found on may 10, 2004 at the dump near the village Krasnoglinnyy (a suburb of Novosibirsk). And on may 8 of this body, according to the witness, was not exact. On the torso, the experts found a stab wound — but most of the other signs indicated that she was strangled. Her head and limbs were never found.

on the Evening of 3 July 2004, the husband, the wife and daughter went to the cottage in the partnership “Lugovaya” (a suburb of Novosibirsk) — but the road turned into the woods to see if there’s mushrooms. Leaving the car, they split up and the man noticed a strange bundle. He kicked it and out rolled a skull, a female, judging by the long hair. The man became ill, and the family, without going to the country, returned to the city, whence called the police. Later, investigators determine that the head “woman # 15” was wrapped in semi-synthetic fabric — piece of dress with floral ornaments. Facial reconstruction on the skull has not produced results.

on 18 June 2004, 31-year-old Mary S. went to the birthday of a friend. And for a couple of weeks until Masha, swimming with friends in Ob broke my leg and was on crutches. Around 22:50 she answered the phone her mother, saying that he was going home — but more on communication did not leave. On 7 July, the mother filed a petition for search for her — and then it turned out that Mary’s last few months was engaged in prostitution knew that her sister Mary was invited. In confirmation of her words, investigators found a regular customer of the girl. The body of Masha and was — but it became the reason of detention Cuplinskas. He explained that the body was dropped with the Dmitrovsky bridge in Ob.

September 27, 2004 in the forest near the Ob sea (the informal name for the Novosibirsk reservoir) from the Zatulinskiy zhilmassiva mushroom found blue jeans that were wrapped female head. The identity of the “woman No. 17” is not installed. According to experts, the murdered was 23-25 years.

October 2, 2004 in a field near the farm (a suburb of Novosibirsk), a young couple fried skewers. At some point the young man went into the forest, where they found jeans whose both legs were tied with wire. Out of curiosity he picked it up and found inside the skull. At this point, drove past a police car — and young people reported the find to the inspectors. In this case, the facial reconstruction and the determination of the genotype gave the result: the dead was identified as Anna E., who retired from the house in 2000 and missing in the fall of 2004. However, to identify it are only in the fall of 2009, comparing with the genetic profile of the mother. It is noteworthy that in its skull, the experts found traces of the scissors — like someone had cut the soft tissue. The exact date of death 19-year-old Ani is not installed. It is known that in recent years she earned a living by prostitution.

June 11, 2006, two young men went to cut the vine in thickets of wild willow on the shore of the lake in the area of Station street (Novosibirsk). In the Bush they noticed a plastic bag, from the hole which could see the skull. Later the witnesses will tell you that they came to this place June 4 — but nothing suspicious was seen. Arrived it is investigatory-operative group under the inspection of the scene in different places found lying separately six human vertebrae and 15 ribs, clavicle and tubular bones. All the remains belong to one woman, whose age 27-32 years. The identity of “woman # 19” is not installed — but, as he told Czaplinski, she was killed in the winter of 2002-2003.

On a place of detection of each of the bodies have been found biological traces (sweat, saliva and semen) men, often mixed with blood. In 2014, when the technical capabilities of investigators allowed to re-genetic examination, in the studied environments found genotype Cuplinskas.

Before Medvedev reported on the realization of Putin’s housing problems

CEO of “the House.Of the Russian Federation” (formerly the Agency for housing mortgage lending) Alexander Plutnik told the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on measures for implementation of housing-related targets set by President Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly. About it reported on the official website of the government.

“the task set by the President, assumes the balanced development of supply and demand in the housing sector, the gradual decline in mortgage rates to seven percent increase in the volume of housing construction up to 120 million square meters of housing per year. We see now really is an opportune time for the development of the mortgage… It’s the natural growth that will gain momentum,” said Plutnik.

According to him, to reach the planned volume of construction, it is necessary today to engage in urban planning preparation. “We are in a period of two years in collaboration with the Ministry of construction and KB Strelka has developed the principles of formation of the modern urban environment and modern housing. On Your behalf we conduct a competition for the development of modern standards of housing construction. The contest ends, I will present You the work of 20 finalists, as well as approaches to the development of programs of professional education of architects, which we prepare on behalf of the President,” said Plutnik.

The defense Ministry confirmed the death of major-General in the crash of An-26 in Syria

the defense Ministry confirmed that on Board the crashed in Syria An-26 was a major-General. It is reported RIA Novosti.

the defense Ministry said that among the victims were 27 officers and warrant officers and contract servicemen, civilians were on Board. The names of the passengers of the fallen military Transporter were not disclosed.

Previously on March 6, the Telegram-channel project WarGonzo reported that the crashed An-26 was major General of the Armed forces of Russia Vladimir Eremeev, official confirmation of this information was not.

According to the military Department, military transport An-26 crashed in the Syrian province of Latakia on March 6 at approximately 15:00 Moscow time it reached about 500 meters to the runway at the Russian base Hamim. All on Board were 39 people.

The Federal air transport Agency denied the authenticity of the talks of the pilots of An-148

the Federal air transport Agency does not confirm the authenticity of the talks of the pilots of the crashed in February, An-148, the transcript of which appeared in the media. About the Agency TASS said the representative of the Agency Sergei isvolsky.

“Submitted “transcript” dezinformare the public about what was happening in the cockpit. It confused the dialogues of the aircraft commander and copilot, there are words and phrases that are not in the authentic records of negotiations, he explained. — The Federal air transport Agency considers the publication of records of negotiations the action is unethical and contrary to the provisions and standards of accident investigations”.

Previously on March 6, the St. Petersburg TV channel “78” published the text of the conversation between the pilots allegedly fixing the last minute before the crash of the An-148. From lined decrypt it follows that the aircraft commander and co-pilot were arguing, did they normalize the speed of the aircraft. After both pilots decided that they were able to match our speed, the second pilot, according to “78”, made a mistake.