Putin spoke about Russia’s position regarding intervention in elections in the United States

Russia does not justify interference in electoral processes and does this itself. About it in interview to NBC News said President Vladimir Putin.

“No, we do not encourage or order”, — he said, answering the question about the relevant allegations of Washington against Moscow. However, he did not rule out that the countrymen could be involved in the intervention. “Well, well, Russian, but they were not public officials. Russian 146 million. What?” — Putin said.

Earlier, the Russian leader suggested that the Russians, whom spectracolor USA Robert Muller has accused of meddling in American elections, could work for US. “They can, being a Russian, to work for an American company. Maybe some of them worked for some of the candidates”, — Putin said and stressed that among the accused “with the same success” could be the Americans.

In the Irkutsk region road strewn with TNT

In the Irkutsk region from carrying a TNT truck on the road fell out a few boxes of explosives. This was reported by “Moscow 24”.

the Incident occurred on 7 March on the winter road Ust-Kut — Lensk. According to preliminary information, the TNT carried on Verkhnechonskoye oil field, when the door body is opened and the dangerous cargo started to fall out.

Most of the missing were found on the road, but five boxes is still not found. The police assumes that TNT picked up drive-by truckers. The guards expect to calculate them according to GLONASS.

it was Later found that the transportation of explosives was engaged in a kind of LLC “GEOTECH” not licensed for this type of activities and the specially equipped vehicles.

In may 2017 in the apartment of long-dead pensioner in the Leningrad region work discovered about a hundred kilograms of TNT, hundreds of detonators and firecrackers, as well as tens of thousands of cartridges of different caliber.

Trump’s game show with shooting people at the Moscow airport and was not understood

President of the United States Donald trump discussed with congressmen, public figures and representatives of the gaming industry, violence in video games. About it reports The Verge.

the Meeting was held at the White house in a closed to the press. It was assumed that the discussion will be part of the reaction of the President at the February mass murder in the school of Parkland, in which 17 people were killed.

At the end of the interview, the participants described it as “weird” and counterproductive. First, the President showed a cutting from the video games in which the player is invited to shoot, to score and to torture other characters, and asked how, according to others, it’s cruel. Among other things, the video contained images from the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where the player shoots passengers at Moscow airport (scene carved in the Russian localization — ed. Tape.ru).

the President shifted the responsibility for setting age restrictions from the authorities on the game makers complain about attending the event. “All that said trump — developers should understand what needs to be done for the recovery of the industry” — said one of the participants in the conversation.

representatives of the companies traditionally presented studies that refute the link between violence in games and in real life, and appealed to the First amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and the press.

the Video was later posted on the White house account on YouTube, but it is not in the list and available only.

Inflated the price of the cure is 55 times the businessman sat for seven years

the Court in new York sentenced to seven years in prison the former head of the pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli, who is called “the most hated man in America”. This is the Agency Reuters.

Previously, 34-year-old Shkreli has pleaded guilty to fraud involving securities. He deceived investors to invest in two founded their Capital Fund MSMB and MSMB Healthcare by sending them fake account statements and concealing substantial losses. In addition, he provided false information to support the exchange price of the shares of the pharmaceutical company Retrophine.

In September 2017 businessman sent to jail for breach of bail at five million dollars.

Shkreli earned a negative reputation among Americans, when acquired the rights to manufacture the drug Daraprim (pyrimethamine), often used to treat toxoplasmosis in HIV-infected and AIDS patients, and raised the price from 13.5 to $ 750 for a pill. For his entrepreneurial activities, he received the title of most hated man in the United States.

A man with a war syndrome took hostages in the center for veterans in the United States

In California, an unknown man took hostage two people in the house of veterans. It is reported Napa Valley Register.

Presumably, the criminal is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (war syndrome) ex-military who attended a rehabilitation program. He is armed with an automatic rifle and clad in a bulletproof vest.

Initially, police reported three hostages, later it became known about two. Inside the building, shots were heard, but the victims have not yet been reported.