A quarter of young Russians will ignore the third important holiday in the country

the Celebration of Easter among the three most important celebrations for the Russians, after the Victory Day and New year. This was reported by the study in all-Russian center for public opinion research (polls), reports RIA Novosti.

in Front of the main Orthodox holiday post in a particular embodiment, complied with 20 percent of respondents. Another three percent have restricted ourselves in food and entertainment during Holy week before the celebration.

“certain traditions associated with the celebration of Easter, observes the majority of Russians, the researchers said. In 2018, 59 percent of respondents will prepare Easter cakes, Easter painted eggs, 24 per cent to consecrate them in the Church. More than a third of citizens (39 percent) will go to visit or take relatives, 12 percent will give them gifts. Vigil on Easter night, planning to go to seven percent of the respondents”.

will Not celebrate Easter this year every tenth Russian (12%). Among young people aged 18 to 24 years the proportion of those who will ignore this celebration, significantly more than 28 percent.