Accused of assaulting Slutsky said the circle “sycotic”

Chairman foreign Affairs Committee State Duma Leonid Slutsky, accused by journalists of harassment for the first time commented on the sex scandal reports “Snob”.

In an interview with the Deputy admitted that the victim did not call the reporter “the Russian service Bi-bi-si” “sically,” as she told earlier. “In my vocabulary there is no such word. I could say “hare”,” — said Slutsky and explained that he does that with all girls and women, which is good: “your daughter, for example, or assistants in the state Duma”.

the MP said that he had not proposed to her to become a lover and not touch her pubis. “No physical contact with the pubic or other body parts this lady I was not. (…) Well, the cheek kiss, I may not remember,” — he said, and said that “to kiss a girl on the cheek is normal, it is a sign of positive attention.”

“I am 50 years old, and these girls around 30, perhaps someone a little more, someone less. For them “hugged” can be provocatively or too much. From my point of view and in the eyes of the people of my generation, it is a sign of attention to the person who just came and interviewed and left, and is a certain respect and attention. In my opinion, this is pure positive” — reasoned Slutsky. He added that he did not know about the record, which was led by a journalist.

the MP also denied the fact of harassment of a journalist Darya Zhuk and producer RTVI Catherine Kotrikadze, noting the “strangeness” of their years of silence about what happened to them.

Slutsky also expressed confidence that the campaign was deployed against him purposefully, “to break possible harassment-gate in Russia as a mechanism of discrediting” allegedly an acquaintance of his, living abroad, offered half a million dollars for a signature on the article that he raped her. The MP added that the scandal affected his family: daughter, the second grade had to beat a schoolboy, who began to call it.

At the beginning of the year, producer of TV channel “Rain” Darya Zhuk, a journalist of the “Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farida Rustamova and Deputy editor-in-chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze said the harassment by Slutsky, which occurred in different years. Slutsky said that the attempts to make him the “Russian Harvey Weinstein” are doomed to failure. March 21 the state Duma Commission on the ethics of justified his behaviour. Member of the Commission member from Communist party and Vladimir Pozdnyakov explained “the” that are available for women they define the appearance themselves.