Accused of raping children teachers passed a polygraph test and went back to work

Teachers, which indicated seven victims of sexual abuse of pupils of a boarding school near Chelyabinsk, were tested on lie detector and went back to work, says “”.

“the Comments from the Investigative Committee (IC) to them, no absolutely not, — said the Agency Deputy Director, institution for educational work. — If you succeed, it will put at least some point.”

victims ‘ Families surprised at this decision of the investigation. “But I know that my child is not communicated with the affected children from other families, well, they could not their stories agree and say the same thing,” said one of the adoptive mothers.

She also resented the fact that teachers admitted back to children, although preliminary examination in respect of them will last until April. “Will check, if the children are prone to fantasizing and can objectively assess the situation. As far as I understand, if these experts write that children are prone to fantasizing, that is the question staff members will be completely closed”, — the woman told about the future plans of SC.

She emphasized that victims of violence the children described in detail the peculiarities of the genital organs of each of the defendants in the case.