Authorities in the city agreed with opponents of the dump “Volovici”

Authorities Kolomna, near Moscow, began working with activists on the elimination of landfills “Volovici”. This was announced TASS the head of the city district Denis Lebedev.

“We’ve met, are with them [the activists] in the ongoing conversation, lead with the work. Now together with the Ministry of property relations, Ministry of environment and natural resources [suburbs] developed a plan that provides for degassing of the landfill. It’s all written, already underway design work,” he said.

the Head of the city district said that the main demand of the activists to put on “Volovici” only garbage from the municipality. According to him, such decision is within the competence of the Ministry of ecology of Moscow region.

it is Planned that by July at the site will launch a system of forced degasification of the landfill, it will cost about 200 million rubles. By the end of the year the landfill will be possible to clean on — site leachate, a dangerous liquid that is formed during the decay of waste, said Lebedev.