Became known the details of the attack of militants on the Church in Grozny

Parishioners Archangel Michael in Grozny held the door of the Church not to allow gangsters inside. About it Agency TASS said the rector father Sergius Abasov.

“It was a typical Saturday service before Sunday. The service went when I went out in the middle of the temple, after 10 minutes I heard the shots. We all understand that fighters now come to the main door. I gave the command to close the door to those who stood near the door. They closed, but could not hold, because there are women, grandmothers were single male, I went over, held the door, they opened fire on the door,” he said, adding that at this point injured one of the believers.

Father Sergius added that no one had expected the attack on the temple could take place at the service, also in the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.

the Afternoon of 19 may, the militants tried to seize hostages parishioners Orthodox Church of the Archangel Michael. Killing two police officers and one parishioner. During the special operation, four terrorists were killed. Their identity is established.