Became known the official salary of the Moscow doctor

the staff of the Moscow hospitals receive no less than 67 thousand rubles a month, and the average salary of the capital of the doctor — 135 thousand. This was stated by Deputy mayor for social development Leonid Pechatnikov, reports “Interfax”.

“In January and February, the average salary of the Moscow doctors reached 135 thousand rubles. This average salary does not include the chief doctors and their deputies, they get more, also not included are administrative personnel. But we have, for example, there are surgeons whose salary reaches up to 500 thousand,” said the official. He did not specify how to calculate the average salary of a physician.

After the nomination of Vladimir Putin for the presidential elections, sharply rose the income of state employees, primarily doctors and teachers. The average salary of doctors has increased by almost 30 percent and amounted to 72.6 thousand rubles. Teachers it increased by 56 percent to 33.5 thousand.