Burning Arsenal near the Udmurt village showed on the video

About two thousand residents evacuated from the Udmurt village Pugachevo of the fire, which began on the territory of the former military Arsenal near the settlement and led to the detonation of the shells. On Wednesday, may 16, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the Central regional center of the MOE.

it is Noted that the first information about the incident began to flow on Wednesday afternoon. The footage, shot one of the witnesses and published in the Twitter, heard the explosions and seen rising above the horizon columns of smoke from fire.

As reported RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the Udmurt Republic, the cause of the explosion was the ignition of grass in the vicinity of Pugachevo. The result was blocked traffic on the section of the Federal highway M-7 “Volga” from a Small Snowstorm to Izhevsk. Were also evacuated to a children’s sanatorium, which is located ten kilometers from the village.

To fight the fire at the scene, sent two fire trains, amphibious aircraft be-200 and Mi-8 helicopter.