Cancelled acquittal of human rights activist Yuri Dmitriev

the Supreme court of Karelia canceled the sentence of Petrozavodsk city court which acquitted the historian and the head of the Karelian of Memorial Yuri Dmitriev for articles on child pornography and of indecent assault against his daughter. His criminal case is directed on new consideration to the same court, according to “Interfax” with reference to the lawyer of Viktor Anufriev.

According to the defender, thus the judicial Board on criminal cases upheld the Prosecutor’s demand to cancel a sentence. “The Supreme court of Karelia, under the influence of the impact and whom, but they bowed to the fact that the sentence is, I think, must be guilty,” said Anufriev, adding that the court was submitted the psychologist’s report with some “new circumstances”.

the Supreme court also upheld the complaint of the lawyer and cancelled the portion of the judgment about recognition Dmitrieva guilty of illegal possession of weapons.

Protection is demanded completely to justify the historian. Prosecutors advocated the abolition of acquittal, arguing that the court’s conclusions “do not correspond to the actual case file.” In addition, the Prosecutor of Petrozavodsk Elena Askerov claimed to have been violated several provisions of the criminal procedure law. A grandmother of the foster girls has also filed an appeal against the sentence.

5 APR Petrozavodsk city court acquitted Yury Dmitriev on two counts out of three of indecent assault and making child pornography. In the third article about illegal storage of parts shotgun — the human rights activist was sentenced to 2.5 years of restraint of liberty. Including held in jail time his term was reduced to three months of restraint of liberty.

the Prosecutor’s office demanded for the historian nine years of a colony of strict regime for the fact that Dmitriev shot his father in the half-naked allegedly to make child pornography. The defense claimed that the man had done nine pictures in medical applications to monitor the health and physical condition of the child. After the initiation of the case the girl from the family was taken away and given to another foster parents.