“Crutches are scored with a sledgehammer Mahal”

Tuesday, March 6, the President and the candidate in presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin visited Nizhny Tagil and talked to experienced workers “Uralvagonzavod” and their young colleagues. The country’s only manufacturer of tanks, became a symbol of support for Putin during the election campaign of 2011-2012, this time striking initiatives were not allocated. Call Tagil men to Moscow to “defend stability” in 2018 is simply no need. How hosted the working visit of the President, as well as generally flows campaign of Vladimir Putin — in the material “Tape.ru”.

Nizhny Tagil in the local media have long called Putingrad. It is considered that this city is exemplary from the point of view of electoral support to the incumbent President. And judging by how often Putin comes here, he meets the Tagil mutual sympathy. And, of course, is grateful for the support provided after the mass rallies on Bolotnaya square.

Six years ago the workers “Uralvagonzavod” created a Committee for the support of Putin, who then held the post of Prime Minister and ran for a third presidential term. Foreman Igor Kholmanskikh then threatened to come to Moscow and together with the men to deal with opposition Marsh in order to “defend stability”. “Come!” — joked Putin. But in the end drove himself after the election victory.

In may 2012, Nizhny Tagil became the first city where Putin here after the inauguration. Off the plane he went down in the company Kholmanskikh. Then Tagil working rapidly soared: he was appointed presidential envoy in the Urals Federal district.

However, the enterprise itself the attention of the first persons of the state is not guaranteed a cloudless future. UVZ is mired in debt and on the verge of collapse to save him, the plant transferred to Rostec, the management was changed, and carriers are strongly recommended to buy a basic civilian goods company.

In the current election campaign here has combined two favorite format — the President communicated with the people who work for and with young people.

a few days before Putin’s visit at the plant opened the VI Forum of young workers, where they invited 300 young leaders of enterprises from all regions of Russia — from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Explained that the best place for sharing practical experience, the workshop of Uralvagonzavod, hard to find, because you can see how to create “armor” of Russia. And personnel Director of the Corporation Uralvagonzavod Konstantin Zakharov boasted a rich tradition, “first and foremost, in the youth policy”.

the First thing Putin talked with workers. But not for long and not as emotional as six years ago. The theme of the opposition has not raised, interviewees casually talked about issues in ecology and boasted stable salaries. “Always you have supported and continue to support!” — said one of the workers. Others echoed him: “It’s the future of our children.”

About the future of Putin talked with the youth. Speaking at the forum, he shared his vision of the popular areas: digitization, artificial intelligence, biology and medicine. And even expelled that over time, robots can replace a number of professions. Reasoned Putin, and about the division of occupations into male and female: “we Have, as it often could be, the women worked on the railroad, spikes (nails for fastening the rails and tie — ed. “Of the tape.ru”) scored a sledgehammer waving — and nothing.” On cue the girls about how it relates to the fact that men “go to chef”, Putin shrugged: “My grandfather was a cook”.

in the Evening, the President still held in Yekaterinburg meeting on development of secondary vocational education. But the capital of the Urals these days his schedule is not limited. On 7 March he will go to the Samara region and will attend the next meeting of the Supervisory Board of Agency for strategic initiatives and at the same time congratulate the women. This time Putin will communicate with the fair sex, who have achieved success in business. According to “Tape.ru”, the regional President’s trip will continue in the last week before the election. Putin, in particular, are waiting in the Krasnodar region.

But it does not get tired to underline in the Kremlin, all actions of the workers and the relationship to the election campaign do not have.

By the beginning of March the only public event, which without a doubt can be called a campaign, can only be considered Putin’s speech at rally the Luzhniki stadium. “We have a noble and clear goal, he said, standing surrounded by the Pyeongchang Olympic Champions and Russian artists. — We want to make our country bright, looking forward to the future, because here our ancestors lived, we live, our children live. And there will live our children and grandchildren.” Candidate promised that if these goals are achieved, then the entire XXI century will be marked by our brilliant victories.

Perhaps this speech from the podium of the stadium will also be the last public event, formally belonging to the election campaign. From free airtime on Federal TV channels, a staff of the candidate refused. In the debate Putin traditionally not involved. And the regions he travels like a President, not a candidate for this post. In addition, in mid-February, those trips came to an abrupt halt.

on 11 February, the Kremlin pool journalists were preparing to depart with Putin on South, first to visit Sochi, and then Stavropol. However, in the evening they received a notification about the cancellation of the visit. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that he had a cold, “but continues to work.” For nearly two weeks, Putin held working meetings and telephone conversations in the suburban residence in Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow or the Kremlin. All of them passed without the press.

One of the first public events after a brief lull was the visit of the Austrian Chancellor, the youngest politician to hold this position, Sebastian Kurz. Together with the 31-year-old colleague Putin held this year’s first press conference, during which he made several unexpected statements: the fact that Moscow is in principle no objection against the deployment of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass, and can save the transit of gas through territory of Ukraine after the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. However, both would be possible only under certain conditions. On the same day, Putin received in the Kremlin Olympians returning from the Korean Pyeongchang. The President stressed that to perform well athletes largely helped the Russian national character: “you can Pick up anything, any attributes, but the character cannot take!”

But the real information bomb exploded in the first day of spring — March 1, Putin finally announced the message to the Federal Assembly. The fourteenth, it was the most unusual in his career. First, it lasted a record two hours. Second, the President for the first time in this format paid an unprecedented attention to security issues, in particular, new types of weapons. It was obvious that he had asked Putin not only to Russians, but to the entire international community. In the first place — the United States.

“nobody listened to Us. We’re essentially didn’t want to talk. Now listen,” said Putin, and began a story about the new achievements of the Russian military-industrial complex. According to him, the new defense developments make Russia invulnerable to missile defense systems and air defense. However, Putin said, Moscow does not threaten anyone: “we Have no plans to use this potential in the offensive and even more aggressive purposes.”

However, the military rhetoric, has caused ambiguous reaction in press and social media. In the end sand had detailed explain separate aspects of the message, stressing that Putin spoke about the development, not confrontation. And even more, the Sands, we are not talking about the beginning of the “arms race”.

this controversy concluded, and Putin himself. At a meeting with participants of the forum of the Russian popular front, held on 2 March, he focused on the interpretation of the social provisions of the address, has not received enough attention in the media. In particular, he told in detail about the project early career “Ticket to the future” about plans to restore the system of mass prophylactic medical examination of population, the fight against cancer and recovery, first-aid stations in rural areas.

in addition to dilute such an enormous agenda, in the image of the President he added new touches. The veterans interviewed Putin in the form of blitz and learned that he sometimes cooks, a delicious salad, walk around the city incognito, as everyone is waiting for December 31 of year speech and dreams about a strong Russia. And the only thing he would like to change in the past, is the collapse of the Soviet Union.