Died one-armed pilot of the great Patriotic war

In Tula on 96-m to year of life has died the veteran of the great Patriotic war, a military fighter pilot Ivan Leonov, who lost an arm during the battle, but continued to control the aircraft, according to RIA Novosti.

“died the Hero of Russia, the legendary fighter pilot, is a remarkable man with a unique destiny and strong character. During the great Patriotic war Ivan Antonovich heroically defended their native sky. His courage and bravery became an example for many defenders of the Motherland. The blessed memory of Ivan Antonovich will remain forever in our hearts,” expressed condolences to the Governor of the Tula region Alex Dyumin.

In life Leonov was awarded the title of honorary citizen of the hero city of Tula. His name is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world’s only pilot who fought with one hand: during the war, he flew more than 50 combat missions.

He was awarded three orders of the red banner, Patriotic war, medal “For courage”, “For defense of Moscow”, “For the capture of Kenigsberg”, “For Victory over Germany”. After the war he worked as a teacher in the system of vocational education and raised wife and seven children: two and five foster, whose parents died in the war.