Employees of “Mail of Russia” suspected in a major theft

a Moscow Resident suspected employees of “Mail of Russia” in the theft of smartphones, ordered from abroad. Pictures of the results of the alleged crimes posted on the portal Pikabu.

a Man reported that while walking with the baby in the Metropolitan area Chertanovo Central, he stumbled to the dump, located near the post office. There he saw about a hundred packages from packages from China and Singapore and suggested that the employees of “Mail of Russia” has appropriated someone else’s property and packages thrown away.

“at First I thought, who are so many orders, but in fact it packages in different regions, mainly cell phones. Naturally, all is revealed and steal”, he said.

User put photos of the track numbers of the packages: it turned out that some of the parcels according were in the way.

the Post has gained over 600 reviews. Some users suggested that the recipients opened the package yourself at the post office, but the comments showed people who identified their package for photos. He wrote that he ordered a smartphone cost $ 88, and the parcel has not yet reached.

Earlier in the woods in the suburbs found hundreds of packages of boxes from an online parts store with addresses of recipients, but without attachments. It turned out that it was unclaimed packages, who arrogated to themselves the employees of the transport of the store.

In July it was reported about detection in the Rostov region dumps of packages from mail — parcels stolen employee sorting center.