Fans of “Zenith” beat the defenders graffiti with Cherchesov

In Saint-Petersburg football fans have beaten up girls who tried to prevent spoilage graffiti with the image of head coach of Russia on football Stanislav Cherchesov. About it reports the local edition “Fontanka”.

According to witnesses the incident, supporters Zenit did not like the fact that graffiti top fold the fingers into the letter “L” — the informal symbol of the Polish club Legia, which he coached until 2016. Based graffiti artists had taken the picture, taken in January 2018.

“We were told that the city can only be “Zenit” don’t belong here “Legia” and the graffiti was condemned from the very first day of its appearance. These fans were only waiting for the departure of the team. We tried to stop them, but my friend was knocked to the ground and began to beat. A passing young man stood up, he got too tight. Particularly zealous fan of thick glasses”, — quotes the edition of the victim.

Graffiti depicting Cherchesov signed “You’re just a space, Stas,” appeared in Saint-Petersburg on June 21. Later unknown “cut” in the image index.