Former orphans benefited from the orphans

In the Kemerovo region, several former inmates of children’s homes were abducted teenage orphans, extorted money from them and forced to rewrite the apartment. About it reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, in the town of Belovo 29-year-old graduate of the orphanage invited some of their friends at the children’s institution to engage in extortion. They paid to orphans for the information of the pupils who will soon turn 18. Then teenagers were kidnapped, held captive, intimidated, blackmailed or cheated to get them money and property, according to SK.

Some of the Teens learned about the extortion, trying to protect themselves. For example, one young man a few days before his majority went to another city. The suspects find out where he is, went there, and lured him out of the house, the power was put in the car and drove back to Belovo. He was kept in a rented apartment and controlled all his movements, and on the day of birth was taken to the Bank for processing Bank card listed on your account 600 thousand rubles.