Grudinin lost Zhirinovsky hundredweight of strawberries for players

Former presidential candidate Communist party, Director, sovkhoz imeni Lenina Pavel Grudinin the lost leader liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky 100 pounds of strawberries. On Tuesday, July 10, according to the Agency “Moscow”.

Politicians have bet who will win the match Brazil — Belgium. “I put on a victory of Belgium at Brazil, Grudinin Pavel, whom we respect, we lost 100 pounds of strawberries. We gave her the camera state Duma. It’s true, the last suburban strawberries,” — said Zhirinovsky.

As the correspondent of the Agency, the liberal Democrat shared the prize with journalists, however, brought them only six berries. “From the heart to all of you strawberries, all suburban, the sweetest and the most delicious” — with these words the politician gave the media.

the Brazilian Team was eliminated from the world Cup, losing in the 1/4 finals of the Belgian national team. July 10, the Belgian players will meet with the French team.