Hunting the Russians for a late hit on video

Residents of Saratov every night guard the trash cans near one of the supermarkets in anticipation of the trucks with expired products. The video of this hunt for overdue published on YouTube “Outdoor channel”.

the footage well-dressed men and women take away goods from grocery carts that the store employee carries on release. What they did not have time to buy, the man sends in the trash.

In late March, the Saratov newspaper “Free news” has published the story of an elderly local woman Vera, who along with a friend Love walks to watch the delay from the supermarket, which opened less than a year ago. The woman said that every night, near the garbage containers together with packages waiting for the next truck. Men, according to her, act bolder, and often they get good products, and those who are weaker and stesniteljnie, you can stay with nothing.