In Russia came into force new amendments to the SDA

In Russia since July 1, entered into force new edition of the Rules of the road. She, in particular, sets limits on the entry of vehicles with dirty exhaust, writes “Kommersant”.

according to the publication, the changes will concern owners of cars with engines of class Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2 and so on.

According to the government resolution introduces a number of new road signs, among which, in particular, the sign “Area with a limitation of the ecological class of motor vehicles”, prohibiting the movement of vehicles, the ecological class of which is outlined below on the index. Also you will see the information sign “the Environmental class of the vehicle”, which will be installed in combinations with other signs.

the idea Ministry of transport, thus the regional authorities can impose restrictions in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions and to reduce the burden on the environment, says “Kommersant”.

to Monitor compliance with the new rules will be traffic cameras and inspectors. It is assumed that the number of the car will be reconciled with the database interior Ministry, which contains information about the environmental class of the vehicle. The penalty for violation of the characters, most likely, will be 500 rubles, but an official explanation traffic police on this score has not yet been reported.

At the same time until the new signs are only on paper — technical requirements and rules of their application is not yet established Standards. However, as explained to the edition in the Ministry of transport, work on them is already “in the final stage.”