In the hostel Serov returned “fecal stalagmite”

In one of the hostels of the city of Serov of Sverdlovsk region started to increase again stalagmite from the feces. About it the newspaper “the globe” was told by the residents themselves.

the Location of the leak is on the second floor in the residential block where the building is posted stink. There all over the floor is formed a layer of frozen feces, some of which leaked to the floor below and turned into a pillar of ice yellow-brown-orange color. The thickness of the stalactite in some places is about 20 inches. The publication notes that he came not as fat as last year — the inhabitants did not wait, when it will again reach enormous size.

According to the results Prosecutor’s check, the stalagmite is formed due to the blockage in the pipeline. Office of public Prosecutor has obliged a management company to fix the leak and its consequences, and the municipality — to clean up municipal vacant Dorm rooms.