In the state Duma has predicted an increase in the retirement age to 80 years

In the future people will retire only in 80 years, the leader of the liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. His words leads RBC Thursday, June 14.

“ultimately we will come to what many of us dreamed of: young people under 35 years old to work at all will not, but will get a decent allowance, which will let you safely learn to see the world. (…) But in the future to compensate for this youth allowance, will have to wait to retirement to 80. However, all the work will be mainly in the sphere of intellectual labor,” — said the politician.

Liberal Democrat said that the party does not intend to support the government’s initiative of raising the retirement age. In his opinion, appropriate changes had to be implemented gradually, but begin was followed in the Soviet era. “Then citizens would not have felt so keenly,” said Zhirinovsky.

the LDPR Leader believes that in the future the situation will change even more, as the robots will start to displace people from entire industries.