In Yakutia the fire began a hunger strike due to low salaries and lack of equipment

employees of the fire Department of the district Kangalassy in Yakutsk went on hunger strike in protest against low wages and working conditions, writes News.Ykt.Ru.

the exact number of participants is not reported, but, according to the Chairman of the Union of Andrew Koltashova, ready to starve more than 50 people, including from other parts. He will protest in a tent in the rest — house.

Since November 2017 firefighters complained about the salary that does not exceed 35 thousand rubles, and deprivation of premiums. Firehouse building is old and is in disrepair, equipment is constantly breaking down, equipment was not enough.

“two fire one helmet, -50 in winter, go to summer rubber boots. At his own expense repair the car, and also trying to contain the old emergency building, which houses part. We consider conditions on the minimum scale of dangerous conditions. In the end we have a salary of 30-35 thousand rubles, while the Federal our colleagues get 50-60 thousand,” — said Koltashov. He added that disgruntled employees have pressure, forced to write a statement on their own or find a reason to fire you.

Over the past six months, the staff of the Yakut MOE won more than 40 lawsuits for the recognition of disciplinary action null and void, clearing and non-payment of the 13th salary. In court they proved that they are entitled to special equipment, but all this has not changed the situation.