Kadyrov explained the reasons of crash of Mi-8 helicopter in Chechnya

in Chechnya Crashed helicopter Mi-8 fell off a cliff with a height of 150 meters due to a sharp gust of wind. About it announced in his Telegram the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to him, the Mi-8 belonged to border management and was based in the village Tuskharoi Itum-Kalinskiy district of Chechnya. The helicopter was carrying guards at the gate.

“the Helicopter has fallen to plant guards. When he hung two meters from the ground, there was a sharp gust of wind. The helicopter was shrouded, two of the guards managed to jump off. Seven people were left when it is already off the cliff with a height of 150 meters fell into the abyss,” — said Kadyrov.