Kadyrov justified played live cat Chechen fighters

the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov not found violent video footage of Chechen fighters of club “Berkut” are thrown a live cat instead of a ball. About this he wrote in his Telegramchannel.

“the cat’s fine, he’s well-fed, well-groomed, affectionate and happy life”, — wrote Kadyrov.

He also said that the cat is treated as a full family member, and compared the behavior of men with the games parents with children. “I guess every dad gently, gently tossed up his child. Also affectionately, playfully threw the cat guys from the club “Berkut”. They had no intent to hurt the animal, look at the video, how carefully they catch it, with love. And the cat does not scratch, not pulled out”, — says the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov stressed that a true Muslim would never hurt the cat, because the prophet Mohammed loved these animals and considered them clean. “I personally know the fighter of “Berkut” albert Duraev, he is very religious and highly moral young man,” he added.

Video involving a cat and two soldiers of “Berkut” published in his Instagram he Turaev. The footage of the men being moved animal to each other, like a ball, and a few times almost dropping him to the ground, the cat flipped in the air and meows.