Named the main expectations of the Russians from the new term of Putin

More than 40 percent of Russians are waiting for equitable remuneration in the country during the new presidential term Vladimir Putin. On Tuesday, may 22, according RIA Novosti citing a report by the Federal research center for sociological Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the report, 36 percent of respondents stated the need for state support in the area needed medical care. 31 percent hoped to receive state financial aid.

the vast majority of respondents (98 percent) believe that the state must always “provide a decent standard of living honestly used to people in old age.”

the survey polled four thousand respondents aged 18 years and older. A representative sample included residents of all territorial-economic regions of the country.

may 7 reported that the main achievements of Vladimir Putin on a post of the head of state, Russians believe the return of the country’s status as a great power respected (47%), stabilisation in the North Caucasus (38%) and to keep Russia from disintegration (27 percent).