Novgorodets saw the “werewolf”, shot a COP and died

the Drunk inhabitant of village Nazareno in the Novgorod region shot a COP, then was shot dead during the assault. About it reports the press service of the regional Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, the day before, on March 25, the man born in 1955 called the police and said that “his house was surrounded by werewolves”. When the call came two police officers, he opened fire with a hunting rifle and wounded one of the police officers in the head. After that the pensioner barricaded himself in the house, threatened the security forces, not answered questions and not to make demands. During the assault, the SWAT officers wounded a man in the neck and the arm.

the two wounded were hospitalized. The state of the police was heavy, the attacker is “not critical.” On the morning of Monday, March 26, they died. “At six in the morning died the district, and later the suspect. The reasons for his death will be established later, will include a forensic examination,” — said TASS the regional government of SK.