Orphans of Primorye declared a hunger strike in the center of Vladivostok

Six residents of Primorye set up a tent in the Central square of Vladivostok and declared a hunger strike in protest against the lack of housing which they are entitled under the law as orphans, according to “Interfax”.

“We have no place to live, we will starve until we resolve our question”, — explained the reasons for the protest one of the orphans.

Another participant of the protest said that three years ago was the 509th in the queue for housing, and today — 429-I. “At this rate, I’ll never get an apartment,” she said.

it is Noted that the participants of the hunger strike refused medical supervision, and offers to talk with the Vice-Governor of Primorye in the administration building.

According to the Agency, the question is on control at the acting head of the edge Andrei Tarasenko, who is on a working trip in China. The representative of administration has explained that the auctions for the purchase of housing for orphans fall: half of the tenders shall be considered invalid from-for absence of demands.