Peter Tolstoy advised hypertensive patients to “spit” the medicine and drink hawthorn

Deputy state Duma Peter Tolstoy advised Russians with hypertension “spit” foreign medicines and treated with folk remedies, for example, a decoction of hawthorn or oak bark. So in broadcast television “60 minutes” he answered the question, what should people do if as a response to Western sanctions Russia will ban U.S. and European drugs.

while the broadcast the President of Fund “Institute of regional projects and legislation” Boris Nadezhdin reported that he had hypertension and he has to drink Western medicine. “This law has been a problem for American business, and to tens of millions of Russian citizens. I’m an old man, I drink the medicine. Unfortunately, they are made in countries of potential enemy, for example in Germany,” he said, adding that in Soviet times he was offered to be treated with decoction of hawthorn.

In response, Tolstoy decided to play a trick on the opponent, I started to find out what the pill Nadezhdin, and then asked him to be treated with traditional medicine. “And you spit out, spit out [the pills]. The brew oak bark, hawthorn! I tell you, hawthorn, and these plebisite,” he quipped.