Putin called corruption a disaster of Dagestan and across the country

Russian President Vladimir Putin held in Dagestan the meeting on socio-economic development of the region and discussed the situation with representatives of the public. On Tuesday, March 13, according to RIA Novosti.

“of Course, one of the factors seriously hampering the country’s development is corruption. We know about it. It is not only the trouble of Dagestan. The whole country knows about it. Faced with this problem, the regions in the East, West, North, South Russia. There is a problem in the country”, — Putin said at the meeting.

Before the meeting with the leadership of Dagestan, Putin talked to citizens of the Republic, reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “In the meeting with the President was attended by the representatives of the public, in particular, from the Botlikh and Tsumadinsky districts of Dagestan. Many of them, Putin was met in 2000-ies, when he visited the country after the operation against terrorists,” he said.

According to him, during this meeting, the Dagestanis were talking about the support of Putin, expressed support for the new Republican leadership and action to address urgent problems, including the fight against corruption. Putin supported the firm action. “Are corrupt, not just line their pockets, they take money for such simple people like you” — quoted the words of the President of the Sands.

the Head of state also expressed hope that the new leadership will be able to establish the situation in the Republic in the shortest possible time, and promised appropriate support from the Federal government, added the spokesman. “Putin expressed confidence that support for the fight against corruption will have many Dagestanis are honest people who care about the Republic,” he said.

President arrived working trip to Dagestan in the midst of a large-scale verification for legality. In February of 2018 in the Republic of detained several high-ranking officials.