Putin explained his choice during the August coup

President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the events of August 1991 attempted coup. He spoke about how making a choice between the current government and the coup, in the movie “Sobchak Case”. Working papers the picture shown in Cannes on may 15, shares of RBC.

According to the head of state, who 27 years ago was working for the mayor of Leningrad Anatoly Sobchak, he had to choose between the President Boris Yeltsin the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee), which included the Chairman of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov (Putin was a KGB officer — ed. “the Tape.ru”).

“on the one hand, I worked with Anatoly Sobchak, and he was on the side of the authorities, on the side of Yeltsin and so on. But on the other hand, the attempt of the coup and the security forces, they were on the side of those who did it. I couldn’t be here and there simultaneously”, — said the Russian leader.

Putin noted that he had decided to stay with Sobchak not to “rush here and there”. “And therefore, in this situation the right thing for me to write a report and to resign what he [Sobchak] I said, “Well, do so. I’ll call Kryuchkov””. The head of state added that the mayor did call, and the report was signed.

the Film “Sobchak Case” of the former Leningrad mayor will be released on June 12.