Putin has expressed doubts about the usefulness of a world without Russia

President Vladimir Putin in an interview for the film “the 2018 world Order” recognized that a retaliatory nuclear strike from Russia, in case of an attack on it will bring the world to disaster. The documentary posted on the social network Vkontakte on Wednesday, March 7.

“Yes, for mankind it will be global, for peace is a global catastrophe. But I as a citizen of Russia and the Russian President want to ask the question: why do we need such a world, if there will not be Russian?” — Putin said.

the Russian leader a few times said that Moscow could use nuclear weapons only if the system of missile warning will record the launch of enemy missiles, calculate their trajectory and fall head parts on the territory of Russia. “This is called retaliatory strike. If the decision to destroy Russia, then we have the legal right to answer”, — Putin said.

Putin also drew attention that the issue of the use of the nuclear button incorrectly set in relation to Russia, which has never used such weapons. “First, we did not start. Let me remind you that nuclear bomb, the atomic bomb first appeared, not here, but in the United States. This is the first. Second, we never used nuclear weapons — the United States used against Japan,” Putin said.