Putin has secured a record in the history of Russia’s voter support

President Vladimir Putin after the counting was 95.9 per cent of ballots received the support of 76 percent of the electorate (52.6 million people). As noted by the Central election Commission, a record figure in the history of post-Soviet Russia, reports RIA Novosti.

In the 2000 elections voted for Putin 39.7 million voters (52.9%), in 2004 and 49.6 million (of 71.31 per cent) in 2012 to 45.6 million (63.6 per cent). In 2008 Dmitry Medvedev received the support of the 52.5 million voters (70.3 percent). Boris Yeltsin in 1996 have collected the vote of 40.4 million (53.8 per cent), in 1991, 45.5 million (57.3 per cent).

In Moscow after processing 78,62% protocols for Putin voted 70.71 percent of the voters. This is also the maximum result.

voter Turnout for the presidential election was around 67 percent. The final number to the CEC promised to announce in the morning.

the inauguration of the President of Russia is scheduled for may 7.

In Russia’s presidential election ended at 21:00 on March 18 Moscow time. The last polling stations closed in the Kaliningrad region.