Putin questioned the usefulness of intelligence with a shortage of bread

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked that the country is unlikely to need intelligence, if not of bread. His words on Monday,March 12, reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Monday, Putin arrived in Krasnodar for participation in the national forum of agricultural producers. The moderator of the panel session with the participation of the President, the journalist Sergey Brilev reminded Putin that their previous conversation was about the history of illegal intelligence. Brilev noticed that agriculture is not less important.

“Why do we have intelligence if the bread will not be” — Putin joked. After the applause, he added: “Bread is — and the intelligence to work out”.

In the film, Andrei Konradova “Putin”, which the author posted on March 11 in Youtube, the Russian President explained why from childhood dreamed of working in security organs. “I was always attracted to that one or two people can affect the course of entire battles on the fate of thousands of people. That’s what serving the country is always exciting, I have always been captured”, said Putin.

In June 2017 at a meeting with the class teacher of senior classes, the President told about how he took a job in the security agencies. “I just went to the reception room of the KGB. From the street, I have the same working family, ties were not. Where do I go? I went to the reception directly,” he explained, adding that at reception advised him to first finish school and get a law degree. After that he stopped doing “physics, chemistry, mathematics” and entered the faculty of law.