Putin reacted to American strike on Syria

President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the attack of the United States, Britain and France on Syria an act of aggression. The statement of Putin’s treatment published on the Kremlin website.

“Without the authorization UN Security Council, in violation of the Charter UN, norms and principles of international law, an act of aggression against a sovereign state, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism,” Putin said.

In his words, “an excuse used by re-enactment of the use of toxic substances against civilians – this time in Duma, a suburb of Damascus.”

“Russia is seriously condemns the attack on Syria, where the Russian military help to the legitimate government in the fight against terrorism. By its actions, the States are further aggravating the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, bear the suffering of the civilian population, in fact, pander to terrorists, seven years tormenting the Syrian people, provoke a new wave of refugees from that country and the region as a whole”, — said in the text.

Putin said that Russia convenes emergency meeting of the UN Security Council “to discuss the aggressive actions of the USA and their allies”.