Putin recalled the desire of the people when the king-priest

President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the opening day of the Crimean Kerch Strait bridge historic. His congratulations to the builders reports “Interfax” on Tuesday, may 15.

“I sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful holiday, in the full sense of the word historic day (…). Historical — because in different historical epochs, under the tsars, the people wanted to build this bridge,” — said Putin.

He noted that construction work simultaneously for 10-15 thousand people employed in 220 enterprises. “In fact, this object worked the whole country”, — added the President.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian leader opened traffic on the new highway, driving it behind the wheel of a KAMAZ in the head of a column of three dozen trucks. Interfax says that they overcame the transition in 16 minutes instead of 25-30. Officially, the bridge will be opened to motorists on may 16.

the Bridge across the Kerch Strait length of 19 miles was the longest in Russia. It is built at the expense of the Federal budget. Work was completed ahead of schedule. The total project cost nearly 228 billion rubles.