Putin saved the veteran from the Rangers in the Victory Parade

President of Russia Vladimir Putin saw his guards pushed coming from his side of the veteran, stopped and approached him myself. The episode was in YouTubebroadcast of the First channel with the parade on red square.

the footage shows how the head of state, accompanied by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu moved towards the Alexander garden, to lay flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier. At this point the guards began to push the veteran of the great Patriotic war, who tried to approach the President, to the side. Putin noticed this, took them aside, he shook hands with the soldier and invited him to go to the monument.

according “Russia 24”, the veteran wanted to come to Vladimir Putin and to “pay homage”, and the head of state “strongly liked” the protection — the laying of flowers they came for the four of us.