Putin spoke about the status of Sobchak after election defeat

Anatoly Sobchak a year later, after defeat on elections of the Governor of St. Petersburg was ill and needed treatment. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in an interview in the film “Sobchak Case”, reports RIA Novosti.

“He didn’t pull a face in a hospital bed and nothing is faked. He was sick, it had to be treated,” — said Putin.

Sobchak was defeated in the gubernatorial election in June 1996, losing to his former Deputy Vladimir Yakovlev. In 1997, PGO attracted him as a witness in the case on corruption in the St. Petersburg authorities. Later that year, Sobchak was charged with abuse on a post of the mayor, and in November 1997 he went to France to undergo treatment in a hospital in Paris.

Earlier it was reported that the film about Sobchak Putin called the events of August 1991 attempted coup and said there was a choice between the current government and the coup. “On the one hand, I worked with Anatoly Sobchak, and he was on the side of the authorities, on the side of Yeltsin and so on. But on the other hand, the attempt of the coup and the security forces, they were on the side of those who did it. I couldn’t be here and there simultaneously”, — said the Russian leader.