Putin urged to prepare for displacement machines

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the danger of displacement of factory workers by automated machines. The corresponding statement he made during a visit to “Uralvagonzavod” on Tuesday, March 6, reports Federal news Agency.

One of the employees of the company shared with the President their concerns relative to the fact that once the workplace is a machine. “Is there any danger?”, he asked Putin. “The threat exists that nothing of the sort happened, it is necessary in advance to prepare for this,” — said the Russian leader.

At the same time, Putin stressed that “creativity in humans will always be higher than artificial intelligence”.

on 21 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during visit the Moscow office of “Yandex” talked with the new development — voice assistant “Alice”. In particular, the President asked hurt whether “Alice” in the company. The virtual assistant did not give a direct answer.