Russia has sent a letter to the victim of the Salisbury police

Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko sent a letter to the British police nick Bailey, who was first on the scene of the discovery of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The diplomat assured the guard that Moscow was not involved in the incident, reports on Saturday, March 24, TASS.

“You can be sure that Russia has nothing to do with this daring incident and are ready to cooperate with the British authorities regarding the investigation in the bilateral format and in international organizations”, — stated in the message.

the Ambassador wished Bailey a full recovery and return to normal life. He also expressed gratitude to the police for service.

Bailey has suffered from contact with the toxic substance and was placed in the intensive care unit. Thursday, March 22, he was discharged from the hospital. Law enforcement officer said that for him “life may never be the same.”