Russia lost British fan

Came to the world Cup in Russia English fan went missing a few days ago. RBC reports.

Douglas Moreton (Douglas Moreton) not been in touch with the family from 6 July. According to relatives, the last time he was seen in Samara at the match Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden. After that, he planned to return to Moscow and, probably, got, because in the Russian capital, used his credit card.

a spokesman for the British Embassy confirmed the news about his disappearance and stated that he had asked the relevant authorities to clarify the whereabouts of the fellow. In the main office interior Ministry in the Samara region reported that local police check the information about the missing fan.

Relatives of Moreton pointed out that his height is 167 centimeters, he speaks with a Bristol accent, wears glasses and rarely shaves.

July 11, Wednesday, Croatia defeated England in the semi-finals of the world Cup 2018. The match took place at the stadium “Luzhniki”, ended with the score 2:1.