Russian sensation

who Fled to Britain of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was poisoned by a terrible poison “Beginner”, developed in secret basements of KGB. At least, that’s according to former Soviet chemist, Vil Mirzayanov, who decided to settle in the United States. He remains virtually the only source of information about the “Newcomer”, because the truth of it to check no one. Defectors often told the authorities of new domestic on completely unrealistic accomplishments and threats of the USSR and Russia. “” remembered some of them: the terrible poison of “Novice”, private nuclear arsenals of the richest businessmen and inhuman psychotronic emitters of the KGB.

“It’s a real torture to imagine it. Even for small doses of pain, will torture for a few weeks. This horror cannot even be imagined,” he told British media Vil Mirzayanov, who according to his own statements, was engaged in the development of chemical agents capable of killing humans even in a protective mask. The victim after the defeat of the substance must lose the ability to breathe — literally forget how to do it.

In accordance with statements Mirzayanov, the program “Folio” on the development of a new class of toxic substances was started in the USSR in 1970-ies. The scientists were challenged to develop an agent that would be deadlier than American substance VX, overcame the protective gear, but it would not be detected by the detectors of the NATO countries and was safe to use. As a result, the team has developed over hundreds of formulae of substances under the name “Novice”.

Some were binary — that is, consisting of two components, which are harmless individually. Mix them expected before applying. This allowed to safely carry a toxic substance, not to expose the lives of the messengers of danger and not to “Shine” them. The best “Newbie” was designated K-84 and then the A-232 — it was a fine powder. Then the scientists created a modified venom with similar properties, which could be done of the substances allowed by the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

In combat conditions, “Beginner” was not used, however, in may 1987 one of the scientists of the Moscow laboratory accidentally poisoned his footsteps: he is in critical condition put in a Leningrad hospital. “Beginner” inflicted severe injuries: a scientist lost the ability to walk, to concentrate on anything or even read it. He had toxic hepatitis that caused cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy and severe chronic depression. He died five years later.

allegedly Mirzayanov, the development of “Novice” took place on the territory of the State research Institute of organic chemistry and technology (VNIIHT) in Uzbekistan, Nukus. After the collapse of the USSR, Tashkent has requested assistance from the American authorities in the disinfection of the territory and the elimination of the research complex: then, apparently, the experts from the USA and had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the achievements of Soviet chemistry.

Vil Mirzayanov, published an article on chemical weapons of the Soviet Union, fled to the United States, where he published a book and regularly told about the atrocities of the Soviets. In your Facebook the fugitive broke into arguments about Tatar nationalism on crime the Russian authorities and the Russian threat to the entire developed world.

While the British side, in fact, accusing Russia of attempted murder of a former intelligence officer Skripal and the use of chemical weapons on its territory, has not provided evidence. It is said even the US President Donald trump — he said he was ready to lay the blame on Moscow, but Washington needs to get evidence and to examine their credibility independently.

There is a possibility that the British secret service could “make sure” in use “Newbie” in the words Mirzayanov, who hastened to the situation to earn money wrote that the formula for the mysterious “Newbie” published in his book, which can be bought for a few tens of dollars. Defectors and had convinced the West in a completely seemingly absurd things — we can only hope that this time, serious consequences can be avoided. Or the British side finally present evidence in the assassination of Russian agents in Skripal.

“Mr Poltavchenko, I come to you from Moscow. Of the Central Committee of the CPSU decided to kill you. The execution of the murder is entrusted to my group” on the threshold of the Frankfurt apartment was Nikolai Khokhlov, captain of state security. He spoke with George Okolovich, one of the leaders in exile of the people’s labour Union of Russian solidarists. Ukrainians, the war hero, at the time, participated in the preparation of the assassination of the Nazi Gauleiter of Belarus, did not want to become a criminal: to such decision he was pushed by and wife who did not want to be “the wife of the villain.” Because he confessed to Okolovich. He gave information to the Americans.

donkey Ukrainians in the West. In 1957, the KGB tried to poison him with radioactive thallium or polonium is admixed material in coffee. However, the man survived. The assassination attempt coincided with the day of the launch of the Soviet satellite. “I was also a sample of the achievements of Soviet science. Completely bald, disfigured by the scars so that I didn’t recognize the familiar, forced to sit on the strict diet I was evidence that Soviet science, the science of killing, is not omnipotent” — he wrote in a later published book.

Science has engaged itself Ukrainians: he began to study psychology, then switched to parapsychology: clairvoyance and telepathy. He claimed that the KGB owns the technologies of control of human consciousness can terrify at a distance, to change their thoughts and views. In addition, he argued that in the Soviet Union, delivered on a large scale production of psychotronic generators . However, Western intelligence agencies did not suit psychotronic confrontation, and the authorities are not accused Moscow psychological impact on ordinary people, although used information about the KGB, handed to them hohlovym, who lived to age and died in 2007.

“My resignation will not affect the interests of the country”, leaving “resignation”, the Colonel of service of external investigation (SVR) Russia Sergey Tretyakov in one of the days in October 2000, brought his wife, a daughter, a cat and went to America. He knew this country by working there undercover mission to the UN back in the 90’s, Tretyakov decided that he and his family needed “a country with a future.” In addition, he was embarrassed that in Soviet times he, a graduate of the Higher school of the KGB, was part of the elite, and in the 90s has lost its former status. He began to cooperate with American intelligence. “I saw who ruled the country. I came to the conclusion that to serve these people dishonest, I don’t want to have anything to do with them”, — he said later.

In the U.S., he gave the intelligence agencies a lot of telegrams, reports and documents. Told about methods of work of the RAF, passed all his colleagues. Americans has provided in response to the family Tretyakov house for 600 thousand dollars, two cars, paid training daughter Xenia in one of the prestigious universities and the whole family hid from prying eyes. For several years he lived a quiet life. However, over time it was discovered, the journalist from Russia even managed to get an interview with Tretyakov.

In 2008, he published a book “Comrade W: undisclosed secrets of the main Russian spy in America after the Cold war”, written based on the stories Tretyakov journalist Pete Earley. In it he made some shocking statements: for example, argued that the whole idea nuclear winter invented by the KGB to stop the deployment of American nuclear missiles in Europe. Tretyakov claimed that some Russian businessmen have their own nuclear Arsenal, and SVR is waging a campaign of Internet propaganda against the United States. He wrote that the Russian secret services recruited canadian MP, and the head of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov before the collapse of the Soviet Union withdrew from the country 50 billion dollars of party money.

the Defector died in 2010 — suddenly choked on a piece of meat. And again rumors — of course, he was killed by the Russians, although the wife Tretyakov claimed that the death was really accidental. Then in the new spy Thriller the story is not turned — President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and his us counterpart Barack Obama opened a new page in bilateral relations, and they were frankly not up to it.

the United States demanded from the Russian authorities to take away the nuclear arsenals of business, and the concept of nuclear winter review has not suffered. The charges of SVR in the use of the Internet for propaganda then still sparkle with new colors in light of the accusations against Russia of meddling in the American elections, but in this case the security services are all the same provide evidence. But public opinion, already accustomed to psychotronic emitters, and the all-powerful KGB, and inhuman invention of the land of the Soviets, almost every time believes any “Russian sensations”, voiced by defectors and informants.