Russian students will return from unfriendly countries

the Russian students studying in Russia to unfriendly States, will return to his homeland, writes “Kommersant” on Tuesday, April 17.

the Corresponding project entitled “Highly Likely Welcome Back, or go home!” started by Rossotrudnichestvo. First and foremost, this refers to students in the UK.

the project Authors believe that a significant number of students wish to return home “for political reasons” and they need help. Besides, we are talking about security issues.

“There are serious concerns that young Russians may suffer from provocations in countries that show an unfriendly attitude towards our country”, — said at the presentation of the project of Rossotrudnichestvo moderator Oksana Buryak.

the Young men offered to be well-trained in MGIMO of the MFA of Russia where is ready to accept a few hundred students. “We often overestimate foreign universities sometimes underestimate the level of training in Russian institutions,” said Dean of the faculty of management and policies of the University Henry Sardaryan.

Found a solution to the issue of resettlement and employment. The head of the business community “Peractum” Oleg Mansurov noted that students studying abroad “will be ready in the case of ambitious projects to move to the far East.”

the Interviewed students and experts in the UK, however, noted that no pressure because of the crisis in relations between the two governments they do not. The British Embassy also said that on Foggy Albion, “as always, very happy Russians, who come to study or tourism.”