Russians learn to smile for the world Cup

For employees of several Russian organizations such as Russian Railways and the Moscow metro, we organized a special course, which taught them to be nice. The event was held in preparation for the world Cup. On it informs BBC News.

“the Russian people don’t usually smile. So when foreigners come to Russia, they think that Russians are not friendly people. We must teach them to smile. We need to change their attitude,” says the training for the staff psychologist Elnara Mustafina.

Courses for service personnel, which necessarily will face foreign fans, to teach them to be more courteous and sympathetic

As writes BBC News, in Russia people don’t usually smile at strangers, unlike the residents of many Western countries, moreover, smile for no reason to strangers is perceived by Russians with suspicion.

“the COP pulled Me over, and I’m quite angry. He asked me to show a passport. To which I asked why he stopped me. And he said, “Because you smiled”. For people it is strange that someone can walk down the street and smile. This is highly unusual and suspicious to them,” he shared with the TV channel Russian Director Yulia Melamed.

4 June noticed that the program “Vesti Nedeli” on TV channel “Russia-1” on the photos from the meeting of Sergey Lavrov and by Whom Jong-UN the North Korean leader is painted on smile. In the original picture, Kim Jong UN is smiling.