Sands assessed the implications of the resignation Tillerson Russia

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that in connection with the appointment of the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo U.S. Secretary of state to fear a deterioration in bilateral relations. His words to the correspondent “” on Wednesday, March 14.

“you Know, it is unlikely to fall below the floor. Therefore, in this regard to fear of further deterioration is unlikely, but in any case, of course, still hope for a constructive and sensible approach in bilateral relations. That hope always remains,” — said Peskov in response to the corresponding question.

on the Eve of the US President Donald trump has sent in the resignation of Secretary Rex Tillerson and proposed to appoint to the post of Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo. While his candidacy is not approved by Congress, the duties of the Secretary of state will carry out the Deputy head of state Department John Sullivan.

In turn, the intelligence Directorate for the first time in the history of head the woman — Gina Haspel, who held the post of Deputy Minister.

According to Reuters, which cites a source in the White house, trump changed the heads of the state Department and the CIA to form a new team before negotiations with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Tillerson was appointed Secretary of state in December 2016.