“See for yourself, available woman or is unavailable”

Wednesday, March 21, the state Duma Commission on the ethics of justified the behavior of the Deputy from LDPR Leonid Slutsky. Harassment on his part said the journalist of the “Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farid Rustamov, producer of “Rain” Darya Zhuk and Deputy editor-in-chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze. Have Rustamova was the audio recording of the harassment official who, ignoring the rebuff, and asked her to become his mistress, called “Satuday” and, according to the journalist, touched the pubis. However, Slutsky assured that attempts to make it a “Russian Harvey Weinstein” are doomed to failure. Later the head of the Committee Otari Arshba stated that it will be protected from harassment only to their own relatives, and then said, “the Tape.ru” that will not be able to say, “until the doctors allow”. Why Slutsky met, the correspondent “Tapes.ru” learned from another member of the Commission — the Deputy from the Communist party Vladimir Pozdnyakov.

“Ribbon.news”: the Most important question: why are you clearing bosses on the ethics Commission?

meeting: the Question is simple and difficult. At the Commission meeting, I had one desire — to understand what happened. In the stories of the children [of journalists] (here and in the following note “Tapes.ru”) appear nuances, which may be not write on the paper.

Felt moments, which are not expressed. I wanted to [clear]. Second. The election of the President. Before that eve was a big operation: in England, the expulsion of our diplomats. Before that — the lampoon about toxic substances, and other weapons. Sorry, utter nonsense. They wanted the elections to fail. But it did not.

More: statement that this candidate [Ksenia Sobchak]. But still, whatever man, it was necessary to react. She accumulated all. But there was a feeling that something is not right, because long-term, back trouble, problem, resentment manifested itself now.

It was now evident a year ago the story of a girl; the other saw this thing on the website, in electronic networks, suddenly remembered his offense, offense. And all matched! [Charges] per person [Slutsky]. I wondered: why? Yes, a handsome man. Yes, in the nomenclature. But I learned that he was commissioned at that time [of presidential elections] combine of international observers. It was clear that come a reliable person, to the representative of the relying party. The hope was the failure of the election campaign of the President. And when was discussed at the Commission meeting, some moments have slipped from a lady [Farida Rustamova]… And we talked a year! I said, what are you to me, I turned, my dear? I would advise you that you’re not at… I had a feeling that she herself did not understand what was happening, that it is controlled.

How is controlled?

How do I know… It’s such a moment: someone of interest, someone hurt, and someone obliged. She said: come to [the presidential candidate of France marine] Le Pen. This is because “the Russian service Bi-bi-si”! The same tough laws of the market. All strictly. She stated: we have a lot of competition between the media. The whole story around this [harassment] — why did he not immediately lathered face? Kopilos-was saved… And then, what to throw away these details? I’m a middle-aged man, I’m sorry [to hear about] these secret, intimate place, as they are called. And then the record was something!

Slutsky said: “I’m a complete idiot?”

Slutsky says: “I’m a complete idiot? Do I give in to provocation? She’s against me going to work”.

Turns out, it was a provocation. It made me soul sick. Today hear media executives withdraw their journalists. How do you take away? They say the Duma does not solve anything — why it is needed. But the Duma elected by the people. It destroyed a whole body of state power!

Destroyed a whole body of state power!

Just passed presidential election. The Chairman of the government how much [criticism]! It turns out, “the Kremlin list” is. So, the government will also be under pressure! And maybe destruction. And so, if over this maze to get how much!

But your Commission relied only on words with one and other. Why you took the side of Slutsky?

We listened to all the girls! What are you, some years have suffered? A year looking for arguments? There is no justification!

what you need to do?

Immediately act. I’m a man. I don’t know how. But just understand that if someone insulted me, I would have challenged him to a duel and as the villain destroyed for the honor of his torn down. Too bad that now the gauntlet drops.

What is the Slutsky had to be slapped in the face? Then the victim would Slutsky.

I don’t know, can’t comment on that.

Such scandals were in your practice?

No. But if there’s one thing I heard, not develop the theme, because I think my granddaughter, great granddaughter will. I lust after to watch? No! With bitterness and pain.

Your colleagues say that Rustamov provoked Slutsky. You agree with that?

you Know, last year we got near the house held a heating main. Summer. In the trenches sit representatives of the former republics of the Soviet Union, from Central Asia. In front of me is a girl. Skirt to mid-thigh. I see how this lusty 20-year-old dark guy looking at the waves. And he just… Lust! I caught up to her and say, “Girl, honey what are you doing? Well, step aside! It is necessary to take into account the mentality of our visitors!” How much [rape] is happening in the West, instructions to write, how to behave. She didn’t understand what it’s about. Then spoke in detail. She admitted: “Yes, I’m being framed.”

What journalist put themselves in the state Duma?

I don’t know, just see for yourself: available or unavailable. It is possible to show the rotation of the head, raising of hair, tilt that helps to consider… I notice and hairstyle, jewelry, and clothing — as she tried to look. There are things that can be seen. We men feel it. But now I’m afraid I’m in the Elevator alone will not go with a woman. Anyway, a journalist.

I’m in the Elevator alone will not go with a woman. In any case, the journalist

it is Necessary to draw conclusions. Someone now will take revenge. How do I know who comes here, for what purpose? Why she has such a short skirt, why tight blouse coming out of the blouse… Maybe she just wants to have fun and then bribe some want to obtain? And girls need to protect themselves. If it [happened] — punch backhand.

And then to keep quiet?

Why shut up? Women have protection through the authorities. But, yeah, no need to wash dirty linen in public.

No need to wash dirty linen in public

I voice hear you young lady… And what to do, and what the practice is, frankly, not know, not studied… I Have a daughter and granddaughter.

How do you explain to them what is harassment and how to respond to them?

We now go a little deep into the problem.

Well, let’s put accents and dots.

Then will affect another aspect. Is the juvenile justice system. In preschool teach [in Europe], as a blank to pull these… rubber products. And so on. Previously, it was very shy. I even kissing in movies was not able to look shy and lowered his head. In the West now accept the special laws to protect [women] — God forbid someone invitingly to watch, you can punish. But it is our country different, have different moral values. Is education of immorality, lust — while, apparently, comes when these formulations on whom you ask, will be clearly defined. But there is the legal side, and there is moral. Legally there is much to anticipate, but there is a tone of voice… you Can gently say, “My fool,” and if you write — people will be offended. Anyway, I don’t regret that we made this decision, but then these girls I’m willing to help whenever possible.

in What way?

As they formulate. Maybe they will appeal to the concerned authorities, there are documents that are there, and Slutsky will check on the lie detector. And it may be that it did… Slandered… He told you. 8 March congratulations to the women did and then said that, if inadvertently offended anyone — sorry. But in the prayers of the Orthodox there is a saying. If I have someone voluntarily or involuntarily offended — sorry.

You pity him?

Sorry. Maybe he was just under a big, huge force of evil that affects him today. In this respect, sorry. And on the other hand, substituting is not necessary either. We should not allow such things. Although some things? We don’t know what it was. He piled on everything from the troubles of society.

You do not admit that the girl could do to harass girls because they felt unpunished?

No. Don’t know, not watched, not watched, can’t predict. But we in the male community, there are all sorts — and with a hussar’s moods, and who never opens his mouth with obscenities, and from whom stream forth from his mouth dirtiest.

Slutsk in which category?

I don’t know… I was not present at such conversations. I was only present during a deep decent relationship.

you said that You felt that the journalist was lying. What I had to say, so you believe them? How to behave?

I don’t know it deep inside. I’m not an artist and never will be. But the artists I’m negative, because these people play in their own and others life.

How do you know? There are criteria?

One wants to convey their thoughts, reflections through the classics, as he understands this work, and others are now naked on the stage, almost [sexual] acts of the show… especially this Sin of the modern theatre.

so, in your opinion, the performance of journalists was the performance?

I’m with this point of view, not looking at them. I was sorry that another girl, Farida, I had a feeling that caught. It may be truly said.

But if she truly said — so the girl really molested her, touched the pubis.

In her place I would not say that this place is called. The lower abdomen in extreme cases.

“No pubes, and the abdomen”

Okay, abdomen. But if she says earnestly — so it was.

No, it’s disingenuous.

What has changed?

differently… Well, that we toil. Different words.

That is, “the pubic area” — is true?

We talked today… If the device… If we say “belly”, the belly, and when we say “pubic” — the instrument also can decrypt.

I do Not understand.

On the genitalia, the phallus…

do You want to say that if a girl calls a spade a spade — it means that she is slandering?

Enough. Let’s finish this. I’ll explain later.

How do you feel about the initiative of the Deputy of Oksana pushkinaís to introduce a provision on liability for sexual harassment in the bill on the equal rights of men and women?

Yesterday I reached the street kid 18-20 years old, jumped up to me and asks: “How do you feel about stray dogs?” I stopped and said that I’d rather the funds spent on these dogs, was spent on people without a certain residence because of their illegal means could expel from their homes. People need to help, and animals… put to Sleep, I think, better. Many in the country of unresolved issues.

Okay. But if the journalist was telling the truth, which sanction would have cost to use?

(interrupting) to Cut him… Neutered. I generally wish that all those who committed violence against children, violence against women, not chemically and physically castrated.

But if the journalist was telling the truth, then cut him… Neutered

And the mandate to take do not need?

If you got two sets of both to take. I’m kidding in this case. And what the MP is different from citizen?

more demand.

Well, that’s why we need to be attentive to their actions, movements of hands… On your toes, you can show indecent expressions, and can be chaste to make a fist or to hide behind.

aren’t you afraid that after the decision of the Commission the girls who have faced harassment on the job, just afraid to talk about it, because you said that no one can prove?

Well, in a certain way, Oksana Pushkina right… we Have to make [the bill]. But to prove all that difficult. Yesterday we listened very carefully. I held back, almost did not say anything. I should have caught on the word — catching.

What kind of impact this scandal will have on your work and the work of your colleagues?

I don’t know what the consequences. Yes, I actually… Let each member of the Council and the Commission to disassemble if we deserve to be deputies. But I don’t defend myself, I speak in defense of the state Duma as the body. If someone is guilty, let the investigating authorities will give, and all will receive their just deserts… All, my dear, we have a meeting.

Recall that due to the lack of adequate reaction from the side of the Duma Commission on the ethics of the editors”.ru” adopted the decision to remove materials from the site with the mention of the Deputy Leonid Slutsky and will not publish news connected with professional activity of the Deputy, as long as he will not apologize or will not leave his post. With the exception of publications that are directly related to the case about the assault.