Seventh-grader hid from my parents for the holidays gnowsys knife wound

In Saint-Petersburg student was stabbed during recess on 7 March, and told about it to the parents only at the end of the holiday weekend — the evening of March 12, writes “”.

seventh-grader couldn’t stand the pain as the wound from a thrust in the thigh of the blade fester. The boy was taken to the hospital, where the doctors found his condition satisfactory and go home.

the Incident occurred in gymnasium №498 of the Krasnoselsky district of the city. This fact checks the police.

In October last year, was reported killed in the Volgograd school teenager, whose body with stab wounds in the heart area found in the toilet. His classmate later wrote a confession and told about the circumstances of the incident.

Also in October, 2017 student of the Metropolitan College hit in the back with a knife his friend in the eighth, then fled the scene. The victim was taken to hospital with stab wounds.