She has refused to pay the officer for “roof” and lost business

a Farmer from Khabarovsk Irina Korovina lost its strawberry plantations because refused to pay for the “roof” of the authorized representative of the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Komsomolsk-on-Amur Konstantin Belinsky, according to Regnum.

According to Korovina, she had been looking for land for their own business and eventually found such land Belinsky — 400 acres was issued to his wife. The land was idle, which they could withdraw, and so three years ago, the Governor’s representative signed an agreement to lease land the size of a little less than one hectare. However, after the strawberry farm started to generate income, Belinsky demanded the woman two million rubles. In response to her refusal, he promised her that “the work is still not willing.”

on 16 June, while Korovin performed at all-Russian youth forum “Amur” with a story about his strawberry plantations, wife of Belinsky came to the farm on the SUV brand Ford and the eyes of the spouse businesswoman, her mother and the volunteers who cleaned the strawberries in exchange for any desired number of berries, crushed all the beds. Then on the “Ford” to which was tied a tractor tire, returned the representative of the Governor. The volunteers wanted to get “human shield”, but the mother Korovina feared for their safety and asked to move.

“As we figured, the wife, apparently told the stage that just a SUV to push bad — between the wheels are not ruined rows of strawberries. Belinsky was at great speed to rush through the plot. Bushes, berries, garden beds all turned right in front of a disgusting mess, all we’ve worked for,” he said with tears Korovin. The video scene she posted on the page in Facebook.

the Woman added that he could not believe in the Khabarovsky Krai “possible robbery,” and that intends to address in court with the claim about compensation of material and moral damage. “I don’t know how I do now reflect on this incident! I have a grant, a loan, I have to work! How to work when first extort $ 2 million, then smash and crush the farm?!” — the woman complained.