“Snips, jig — style”

In the Moscow region hosted the largest gathering of representatives of the movement “Combat classics” — the most daring of young people returned from oblivion the classical models of VAZ. The eponymous public in “Vkontakte” reached the mark of 400 thousand participants — this event was the occasion for partying in the fresh air. Reporter “the Tape.ru” personally watched the Orgy pimply fans of drift on the rusty cans, the whole thing is still not banned.

“why are You standing out here all? They have mayhem, damn it! Herachat you want, what you want! No fucking way.” — man yelling at a group in the volunteer t-shirts at the entrance to a large gravel clearing, resembling a giant beehive. Only instead of bees machines, or rather, an old rear-wheel Vase from the first to the seventh model. Almost all of them quietly buzzing on the spot, standing in neat and tight rows. But a dozen running like crazy on the sidelines.

Received a verbal cheerfulness guys and girls in white shirts walked rare with a chain to it enraged steel to bees. “Beer, heat, heifers, and there is a free place… Not everyone can resist, but everyone said no, ***, drifting out here!” — said one of the volunteers.

Five hours earlier, a grey Mercedes Gelandewagen hauled VAZ-2105 on Novorizhskoe highway from Moscow to Europe. This sight early on Saturday morning was forced to finally Wake up to a harsh and long-distance truckers, who managed to escape from the capital before traffic.

he Drove the red “bowl” with spots of white paint from the spray on the rust and broken ass without a bumper.

the Normal exhaust pipe hangs “at half past five” — you are no “pramatarov”. But the white spoiler “duck tail” on the trunk lid and decorative grille rear window.

“Yes it is, and the front wings are rotten so that the owner had some plastic arches riveting! Tough!” noted visitors of the gas station where we stopped this character. But it is this detail and gave the current purpose cars — street-drift. Craftsmen specially sawing (increase) native wazowski arches, with the help of elongated levers the front wheels could turn under incredible (for standard cars) and open wide possibilities for controlled skidding.

Luxury tugboat turned from the highway right to the Moscow Raceway — a fancy race track, built by design and under the guidance of the author of many modern tracks “Formula 1” Hermann Tilke.

Mercedes confident going there, not noticing standing on the Congress and white “five”, on which the hood blocking the windshield is a large piece of cardboard with handwritten inscription: “Entry to 400 Thousand Lada via Volokolamsk highway”.

For the gathering of the followers of the “Martial classics”, which was to become the largest in history, and formally dedicated to overcome the same public in “Vkontakte” the mark of 400 thousand participants, there was enough space on the territory of the race track. A kilometer away, outside the village of fedyukovo, gigulate occupied a huge Parking for visitors to the Raceway, rather, flattened and covered with gravel box.

On the dashboard are the bread and sausages — and the remains of dinner and Breakfast.

driving serves as a pointer at the gas station the car sits a man of about 18. “From two o’clock in the morning here. The idea is that should change soon,” he says, looking out the driver’s window and blinking in the sun.

the Kid from Moscow Dzerzhinsky spirit is not falling and smiling all 32 teeth: “Yesterday drove two columns on the ring road. It was something. Every half hour stayed, however, because of breakdowns, but the spectacle was worth!” the young man was happy to be one of the volunteers of the event.

Almost all of the jig reached to fedyukovo its course, and, judging by the license plate, there were representatives not only closest to the capital regions.

after Parking, young Chasovoy, as usual, switched on the music, lit the hookahs and barbecue. And free from this manipulation, the young people began to walk around with a beer along the rows, examining how and who made your car. And there was something to see.

Brown “five” standing on an ordinary home carpet. On the hood at 90 degrees sticking out the piece of metal in the form of the male sexual organ.

“Every night I fold, but in the morning he is already” — say the owners — the guys from Vladimir. The carpet they, by the way, found in the garbage right on the road to the fest.

Them cute companions “chauvinist” tuning does not bother. “The car is now great potential,” smile the girls.

the Main requirements for the car, has a sticker “Combat classic”, simple. First, it should be “fell sideways”, that is, its owner should at least try it to drift (this is a disgrace to the differential, put extra steering leverage). Secondly, no tinting on the Windows and other tuning characteristic of the 90s.

“This is art, you know? Immediately visual ecstasy is achieved! From what? Laughter, *****! See how, at these words the guy in the cabin of the Quartet launches a finger spinner, fastened with screws to the control panel. — Let’s go!”

to Buy a car he and his friends decided, sitting at home for the beer. It was in St. Petersburg: “I Looked VIDOS, neighing. Opened “Avito” and bought it. For 20 thousand!”

the gathering of guys prepared thoroughly. On the hood painted the American flag (though got only 25 stars). And I bought a bright colored pajamas, hats, plastic necklace with a huge dollar sign.

Funny, but, carefully parodying heroes of American clips, they were more like cadets or clowns-pirates. And one of them is a skinny, six-foot fellow, climbing on the roof of the car in a wide-brimmed hat and a cane on a young Peter I (after a week long binge).

“If you break down on the way back, we burn,” was with the height of severe “Royal” verdict on the car. Yes, the burning of dead cars quite in the tradition of gatherings of the “Combat classics”. But, how could this guy tried to look dashing bully, gestures, and a soft smile gave him a good-natured nerd.

One of the main topics for discussion were soaring gasoline prices. It is no secret that many owners of broken-down Lada made through donations from friends, acquaintances and passers-by, the size often depends on the originality of the car.

the crowd readily shared information about the “left” of the gas station one of the capital’s major shopping malls on the ring road where you can buy the 92nd 32 rubles per liter. “But Benz, of course, this is horse urine. Only for the desperate and the lucky”, — concluded the source.

Unhappy fedyukovo was trapped between good and evil. On the one hand, the clearing with all the arriving, Chmielewski and durosimi teenagers, and with other respectable racers and spectators with children in an enclosed stadium. Controllers metal detector as they could played the role as guardians of autobladetm, from time to time holding back the influx of curious half-naked and half-drunk youngsters and yunits. But then apparently decided to show mercy or not to inflate the conflict.

clear the boys from the residential areas rushed through an underground tunnel, passing under the magnificent track, on the large paved area in the centre of Moscow Raceway. Here the boxes through out the track. In them, pilots and mechanics in homologirana overalls poking around in cars. Just like in the movies. Only instead of race cars “Formulas-1” or handsome Porsche, McLaren and Audi from the world of Le Mans — the same Vases classic models, only unharmed, clean, shiny and pumped in full.

Party “400K Lada” fell on the same day as the first stage of the Moscow Classic Grand Prix. Organizer of cultural festival — the company “Old Time” — had been brought to the site Raceway many rare domestic and foreign cars, turning this space into a Museum under the open sky. There is also a Playground with a memorial for the babies of the Soviet era metal toy cars on the pedals, food trucks with snacks for every taste.

And on the other side of civilization by two o’clock some are already bored with hanging around in the meadow. Some went in the unoccupied part of the site run laps and drift “unbeknownst to the orgs”. The other began to drive back and forth on a two-lane asphalt road is the only connecting Parking with the complex Raceway, and Novorizhskoye and Volokolamsk highway. The road that was flooded with pedestrians. It seemed, here-here will start to confuse people.

Suddenly came to life and went to the pile of rusty iron with a toy green dragon on the roof, standing at the entrance to the clearing. This car is a symbol of the “Military classics”. Her name turned into a chant (in the style of “wazaaap”): “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!” — yells a guy in a COP hat on, leaning out of the passenger window of a rushing at full speed of the unit.

“Aaaaaaaaava!” — shouted to him in response.

part of the happening of the clearing is separated so that there not called in on the machines. They put the trays with the stickers (the most tradable and profitable commodity among the participants of the public), parts for tuning, is embedded under the “Combat classics” toy models Vase. Here put the trailer where you can buy beer, soda and something to eat, and in the center — a truck loaded with a hundred other assorted speakers with a DJ on Board. Next to him was already formed three young dancers with bare feet stabbed.

“Snips, jig — style,” shouted a bald guy and began to jump barefoot on gravel, spinning mill hands. To be near the girl, fearing such a field, jumped to the side, and then sat on his haunches laughing and almost fell when he tried to get up. But the dancer arrived, and helped her to her feet.

Yes, it immediately got to the bottom of girl friends. Probably because he hesitated to remove his hands from her body. But the conflict is not reached: “All right, boys!”

in General, despite the abundance of groups of sullen boys in football outfit and a complete lack of guards, to “wall to wall” and are generally noticeable fights is not reached.

lunch With the boundary between the civilized Moscow Classic track, and punk “Combat classics” in the clearing began to disappear. First, mixed guests of both events. And secondly, not all Chasovoy who do not have enough space on the track, could only boast carved out of the bonnet member.

In the clearing was steep enough and proven drift competitions “cramp”, cars with a capacity for 200 horses achieved through turbines and other bells and whistles, as well as stylish, refurbished and understated in the style of “stens” car on the left (drives, extended through warke steel strip).

A noble enough track bullies among people in homologirana overalls, which his early years were not less fervently.

“When my father came from the front, he was a civil engineer, and we found an old motorcycle. Without the motor. To build a motor from autophile, and we, boys, were in the area of three stations” — says one of the pilots, three-time USSR champion in karting Oleg Tregubov. — Then we noticed the coach one. In Moscow there was a club of young motorists. He was near Samotechnaya square, and there we studied the material, learned to drive at age 16 and received the law.”

In his early ‘ 83 Oleg Ilyich — the captain of the team of veterans of the Soviet Motorsport “Silver arrows”. “Motor racing — the adrenaline, the incentive to stay young, to develop. Technical knowledge gets, studying your own hands to do many things — he says. — I, for example, was able in his youth to boost bike engines using a dental drill. Me and the guys, who studied at the dentists and see how I did it, once said, “Oleg, God himself ordered!” And I really became a prosthodontist”.

To the “Combat classics” Tregubov is good. “Well, what else be in my youth? They themselves DOSAAF organized — well done. But let not forget that the racer is a chess player first and foremost. Need to calculate their actions in advance. Everything.”

In a specially designated area for drifting at Moscow Raceway grinds dry asphalt black “seven”. After a minute check the temperature inside exceeds the limit, the driver lowers the speed and opens the door to let in the air.

“Dad, I saw a thousand rubles a drift taxi. Let’s go!” — the fat boy of nine years, without taking your eyes off circling with the door ajar, “seven”, drawn to a healthy man, in whose hands two ice cream.

“we will not sit down. On a normal car ride”. “I don’t want normal, I want to Lada. It’s not a machine, and finally can kapets!” — “That’s it, that kapets… Take it, and then melt…”