Swimmers in the “oil” of the official KHMAO found dead

the head of the administration of the urban settlement Izluchinsk in the Nizhnevartovsk district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) Alexey Kudrik was found dead. On Thursday, may 17, reported the online newspaper Znak.com with reference to the sources.

the body is the head of the settlement was discovered with a gunshot wound in one of the garages. According to preliminary information, the official committed suicide. “According to those who knew Nine., the last time he clashed with the head of the Nizhnevartovsk district Boris by Salomatina. The reason for this supposedly gave operational issues”, — writes the edition.

At the scene, investigators are working, by results of check the procedural decision will be made.

Alexey Kudrik became the hero of the news last spring, when several media outlets published a photo of him, which the official laid out in Instagram. It kudryk was in the tub in some kind of viscous black fluid. In the comments to the photo social media users have speculated that the officer is awash in oil.